Zidane no longer has unlimited credit at Real Madrid

Zidane no longer has unlimited credit at Real Madrid

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Zinedine Zidane returned to Madrid on March 11 as a solution to the bad sporting situation of the white team. However, the coup that initially led to Madrid's return of the French coach, has been diluted with the evolution of events. Bad results, controversial technical and tactical decisions, doubts regarding the configuration of the template … are some of the factors that have caused Zizou has lost part of the unlimited credit with which he began his second stage at the head of the white bench. The faith that hobby and directive had in Zizou It begins to undermine.

More points lost than earned

Zidane led the first game of his second stage on March 16 against Celta. Since then he has added six wins, four draws and four losses. This means that he has lost more points (20) than he has won (18). The start of the season has not changed the bad run of the end of last year and in the first three games he has added only five of the nine points at stake.

Doubts in the management of departures

The departures of young players like Marcos Llorente, Reguilón, Ceballos … caused some unease among the fans. The side is being one of the best in Seville and the Andalusian midfielder has already shown his talent at Arsenal. The French coach has shown his preference for the 'old guard' rather than the young.

The deal with Keylor Navas

The goalkeeper of the last three Champions was one of the players most loved by the fans and in the locker room. However, Zidane closed the doors completely assuring him that his goalkeeper was Courtois and that he would not have options to play. Against this background, the Costa Rican set sail for Paris, clearing the ground so that the Belgian has no competition. Interestingly, Zidane had vetoed the arrival of Kepa in January 2018 because his confidence in Keylor was total. It is striking that a year later he took sides with Courtois, causing Keylor to choose to leave, when the Belgian has not yet won on the pitch.

3-7 against Atlético

The win suffered by Madrid against Atlético in New Jersey left sequels, although some sector of Madrid wanted to downplay it by claiming that it was a summer bolus. However, that defeat fell very badly among the white directive, causing an important anger both with the team and with Zidane. The immediate reaction was to confirm to James that he remained in the squad, against Zizou's wish. It was a way of making it clear to the coach that the club was above its criteria.

Without faith in Vinicius

The Brazilian striker was the only joy of Real Madrid in the second leg of last season. His irruption was a breath of fresh air in a drifting team. Both the fans and the club see him as one of the entity's future cracks. But nevertheless, Zidane doesn't have so much faith in him. He has even put two of his 'defenestrates' in lineup (Bale and James) and changed his band, causing Vinicius to lose confidence in his game.

Tactical indefinitions

Zidane has faced all three League games against Celta, Valladolid and Villarreal with different game patterns, thinking more about the opponent than his own team. He arranged at the premiere a 1-4-3-3, with Bale and Vinicius as ends to leg changed. On the second day, he maintained the disposition, but gave ownership to James as third midfielder and Isco starting on the left. Zidane's last move was to use a 1-4-4-2 before the Villarreal, with Lucas and Bale on the wings and two front centers (Jovic and Benzema). So many variations feed the doubts and consume Zidane's credit.

Emblem / Flag Real Madrid

Emblem / Flag Real Madrid

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