World record from Principle Özyüksel

World record from Principle Özyüksel

August 12, 2019 0 By admin

Turkey, according to a statement from the Modern Pentathlon Federation, the International Modern Pentathlon Federation (UIPM) European Modern Pentathlon Confederation of coordination (ECMP) and Great Britain jointly organized by the European Championship of Modern Pentathlon Union, Britain's Bath Located in the city of Bath University, was held at the Training Village.

Policy Ozyuksel Championship in Turkey, Unal Silk Akşin and was represented by Mr. Grant. All three of the national athletes were named in the finals.

Principal athletes who entered the top 8 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the organization of the quota Principle Ozyuksel 20th, Bugra Unal 23rd, Ipek Aksin finished 31st.

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