"We do not depend on us to stay in the Liga," says Costinha

"We do not depend on us to stay in the Liga," says Costinha

April 14, 2019 0 By admin

The coach of the Nacional de Madeira, Costinha, has assumed that the Nacional does not depend on himself to stay in the I Liga, in a defeat, against Boavista (1-0) that is marked by the poor goal alvinegra, because of the 14 shots made by the class of Choupana in 90 minutes, none of them went to goal.

"Boavista had an upset in the first half. At the interval I told my players that we had to put the ball on the ground in order to play. Some anxiety has taken hold of the players and this is normal, given our situation in the classification. In the second part we improved the stance, but there are plays that we have to define better to achieve what we want. Overall, taking some apathy from the first part, the team always tried to go looking for a positive result, "began referring to Costinha.

"It's not for anyone to play at Bessa with the stadium full. Most of the games that these athletes did was in the II Liga. Only the one who played at Bessa knows how difficult it is and how mentally we have to be prepared. The support that the public gave to the Boavista made a little difference and took some reassurance from Nacional. 14 shots and none framed? It is a sign that we have created the conditions to try to score the goal. With the loss of points we had throughout the championship came some discouragement, not in the form of training or play, but in the way we shot at the goal. We have to improve the technical gesture, "he said.

Then came the most surprising phrase from the press conference. "We do not depend on us to stay in the I Liga, but we have to face each game with utmost seriousness, determination and responsibility. No goal from the other teams could be more important than ours, which is maintenance, "shot Costinha.

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