Vitoria was close to leaving but continues in Benfica

Vitoria was close to leaving but continues in Benfica

November 30, 2018 0 By admin

Benfica president Luís Filipe Vieira assured Thursday that Rui Vitória will continue to be the club's football coach, admitting that there were talks at the highest level in SAD in view of the departure of the Portuguese coach.

"Being very objective and practical: what we are talking about is about Rui Vitória. Rui Vitoria will continue to be our coach, "he told a press conference the leader of the 'eagles', after the last 24 hours the dismissal of the 'incarnate' coach has been widely reported.

Vitoria's exit was imminent after their 3-0 defeat at Bayern Munich (5-1) in the Champions League on Tuesday, which was Benfica's fourth defeat in the last seven games.

"I will not hide that even yesterday [quarta-feira] we talked about the possibility of him leaving, "said Vieira, stressing that the scenario was very close to being realized. "The decision was made [de ele sair]. More or less, "he said.

But the president explained that "during the night" reflected a lot on the subject and decided that Victoria should stay in the club of Light. The continuity of the coach was settled today after a meeting in the training center of Seixal.

"He is a coach committed to the Benfica project," he said, underscoring the various young players in the home lineup by Vitória, who are celebrating their fourth season in charge of the 'incarnated', having led them to the title of national champion in 2015/16 and 2016/17, completing the 'tetra' started by Jorge Jesus.

The Benfica leader admitted that there is currently "displeasure" of the club's members and supporters in the face of the sporting results of the main team but said that "the conquest of all titles in Portugal is open."

Asked by the journalists, Vieira was convinced that Vitoria "will continue until the end of the year", noting that the departure of the coach can only happen "if there is an unforeseen".

Vieira also assured that Vitoria told him that it will never be a "problem" for Benfica and that, if the exit materialized, he did not intend to be compensated. "If Rui Vitória's decision was confirmed, we had decided that we would continue to pay him while he was unemployed," said Vieira.

"I can even tell you that after I confirm this decision [continuidade no cargo], he refused a proposal of six million euros a year to go to a country that you should know what it is, "shot the leader of the 'eagles' after this afternoon was advanced that Victoria had a proposal to go and train for the Middle East.

Vieira said that "Jorge Jesus has never been contacted to coach Benfica", in which he was between 2009 and 2015, stressing that "no one" can prohibit him from speaking to the former 'incarnate' coach, currently working in Arabia Saudi Arabia, and that "no one knows what can happen in the future".

Benfica, who finished second in the I Liga last season, are now fourth in the league with 20 points, four behind the Dragons, who lead the way ahead of Sporting and Sporting Braga.

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