Verder tests team with two strikers thinking about option with Luiz Adriano

Verder tests team with two strikers thinking about option with Luiz Adriano

August 5, 2019 0 By admin

Without turning a match since July 22, 2018, Palmeiras was close to achieving that feat on Sunday, were it not for the miracle of Cassio in the 48th minute of the second half. After a good ten minutes and recovery in the final stage, Verdon showed Corinthians 1 to 1 more than usual when they trailed behind.

Still a 4-2-3-1 supporter, Luiz Felipe Scolari has been using centered Dudu, with Willian on the right and Raphael Veiga on the left – this was the Derby lineup. But during the classic, the coach moved the positioning, especially without the ball, when often the team was in the 4-4-2.

He says he has already tested this change in part from the draw with Godoy Cruz (ARG) away from home. One motivation, besides understanding that the scheme that shaped the 2018 Brazilian champion team is known by rivals, is the arrival of Luiz Adriano.

The former Spartak Moscow (RUS) striker is a center forward but knows how to perform from the sides. In Derby, Deyverson had Willian's closest presence, while the midfield was in line.

– Some new situations we did in the game. We are thinking of two strikers too, because when Luiz Adriano arrives, he has also played with a striker on his side doing this work, which we can do as well. We tried with Willian and Deyverson today (Sunday), with Willian and Borja there against Godoy Cruz. They are minimal variations, but they are. Only we won't have much time, ”he said.

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After five unbeaten games and a knockout for Internacional at the Brazilian Cup, the coach understands that the team has recovered, with a triumph over Godoy Cruz (ARG) at Allianz and draws with Vasco and Corinthians.

In Derby, the second half was the best time alive. The goal just after the break helped, after Corinthians managed to close very well between the opening of the scoreboard and the break. From 1 to 1, Palmeiras found the spaces to counterattack and created even more danger than the owners of the house.

The distance to the leader Santos increased to four points, but Palmeiras does not leave shaken with the draw in Itaquera. In fact, it calms the atmosphere after the protest that took place on Saturday, at the door of the Football Academy.

– I see my team getting better day by day. It wasn't good for the first twenty days after the Copa America, but the last three games I have nothing to charge but positioning of the air ball that didn't happen. The message I leave is this. There is so much point, so much will happen, calm down. We have a good team, receiving Vitor Hugo, Luiz Adriano tomorrow, Dourado, who has been recovering. So great, slowly we will arrive – completed.

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