Turf. Ivar, the "different" foal and crack in the making, is destined in the United States

Turf. Ivar, the "different" foal and crack in the making, is destined in the United States

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The last triumph of the horse born in Brazil: the Grand Prix Juvenile Stars, in Palermo Source: LA NACION – Credit: Carlos Lares

If there is a feature that characterizes

Carlos Daniel Etchechoury

it is that of prudence, especially when it describes a horse that he trains. A family trait, actually. Never the excess. For that reason, when he talks about Ivar, the foal that won the Grand Prix Juvenile Stars ten days ago, but talked about at least a month ago, each time with more enthusiasm, his word is indisputable.

"He is different, in temperament, physical, he is gentle, he does not feel the races, he weighs 500 kg from the first he ran until now, he did not lose a gram, a whole horse." As they go running, the colts get better, most of them It begins to show that it does not reach the distance. He's been training racehorses for thirty years, Dany.

Ivar was born and raised in Brazil, but his owners, stud Rdi, choose Argentina to compete, like so many breeders from that country who come to settle here to produce their schools. On the track, a normal horse is seen up to the final 400 meters, where the mechanics of his movements get warm and the distance with his rivals grows. The day of the debut, in

San Isidro

, the state of the track forced his career to be transferred to the heavy sand, about 1400 meters. It did not matter.

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Etchechoury: "At the beginning, Adrián worked [Giannetti], Rdi does not have a hired jockey, but just in the debut he had a foal of Rafa Dellacasa, with which he has commitment. Then Joseph came up to me [el brasileño Aparecido Da Silva] to run it. "Da Silva demanded it when two rivals surpassed him 400 meters from the disc, the chestnut felt his ears getting wet and reacted, he dominated in the 200s, without feeling the whip.

"The first day he set it up, Adrián told me 'I do not get off this anymore', but he could not choose, when he had the chance I returned it," Dany continues. That chance was in the Juvenile Stars, Giannetti celebrated standing in the stirrups; it was clear that he was not a mere replacement for the injured Da Silva. "It was very good for Adrián, because he was down, I was very happy for him, he started with me …", revealed the coach.

Before that triumph had occurred the Great Criterium, now yes on the lawn of San Isidro. There was no need for Da Silva's whip for a touch that May 25. He looked back four times at the Brazilian, to see how much he earned.

Jose Aparecido Da Silva smiles, so easy defined Ivar the Great Criterium, in San Isidro

Jose Aparecido Da Silva smiles, so easy defined Ivar the Great Criterium, in San Isidro Source: LA NACION – Credit: Hipodromo San Isidro

No matter how hard you try, do not drop the decibels to the admiration of Etchechoury. "One thinks that the foal goes for everything, then you have to see, but it has all the conditions," and confesses that when he met the owners a few days ago, "I threw them all to be left until the end of the year, because I suspect that it does not run any more here. "

Suspicion became certain. Gilberto Silva and Paulo Borges, head of RDI, are going to bring Ivar to his Kentucky camp, Bonne Chance, to compete in the United States at the end of the month. There he manages all Beto Figueiredo, a manager with strong ties with Argentina for decades. The goal of maximum is Dubai, for the World Cup series. In Lexington will be trained by another Brazilian, Paulo Lobo.

As it usually happens with pure race blood, there is no physical aspect that explains a phenomenon like Ivar. The veterinarian Fernando García directs the team of veterinarians that Rdi attends. Years ago he worked with Brazilian stables that settled in Argentina. "I think the horse is a machine, it does everything right, the top horse I saw in my life was Riton and Ivar is there," says Garcia. Ritón was a great bullfighter from Rio Claro, from Brazil, who set an incredible record for the 1,600 meters in San Isidro. Unlike Ivar, it devastated from end to end.

García Muñoz and Pablo Duvini work with García. Felipe, who did a two-year internship at the prestigious Hagyard equine clinic in Kentucky, will travel on the flight with Ivar, as a troop. The presence of a veterinarian on such an extensive trip is vital, although Muñoz dismisses the possibility of problems: "He has a calm character, is meek and is the healthiest thing you can see." He never had to be treated. His speed is incredible, what impresses me the most is that he has no roof, his mother ran 2400 meters. "

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Ivar is the son of stallion Agnes Gold, born in Japan, in turn son of a great stallion, Sunday Silence, and the mother is May Be Now (Smart Strike), winner of Group 2. "After the Stars Ivar rested, goes every day at the game and Dany has it at trot and gallop, he is in an incredible state ", says Garcia.

Only maintenance will have Ivar until they move it. The foal that won leaving his rivals, explosive, abandon a stable in which, however, was one more. Neither the vagaries of a star, nor the bad mood of the talented. "I had a lot of good horses, but what Ivar did in three races at 2 years is not very normal, it runs in the development where you want," reflects Dany Etchechoury, who hoped to be in Polla de Potrillos, the first gem of the Triple Crown.

The coach says that Ivar is like a genius among his peers, as if he were older. "I got some very good horses to win the Pellegrini or the Latin American, but over time, they are made until they reach the distance, this was anticipated."


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