Times: change in the Champions to reward an Ajax case

Times: change in the Champions to reward an Ajax case

July 11, 2019 0 By admin

Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA president, gave an interview to the British newspaper The Times in which he explained his new plans for the Champions League. UEFA has already announced a third competition and is now managing new ideas to change European football as the new route for qualification, new models for the group stage or a half-drawn tournament between UEFA and CONMEBOL that faces the champion of the Eurocopa with the Copa América that takes place this summer.

The first plan is to protect the teams that carry out a good European competition but do not secure the place in their national leagues or that are obliged to pass qualifying rounds, such as Ajax. "We would like to protect teams like Ajax this year or Monaco and Leicester before. Ajax played the semifinals this year and now, they have to sell all their players because they do not know if they will be able to qualify for the Champions League next year, "said the head of European football.

"I do not think we should protect too many clubs but some. One idea that is being considered is that these clubs that reach a certain stage of the competition ensure their participation for the coming year. It is an idea that we will discuss with leagues and clubs, "he added. Ceferin who announced the date for this meeting, September 11.

The president of UEFA discarded the idea of ​​the European Super League ("It will not happen while I'm here") and if he explained an upcoming competition in which UEFA works with CONMEBOL, a Champions Cup between the European Championship and the Copa América. Ceferin said he does not need permission from FIFA to organize this competition. "Why would we need your permission to organize a competition? It is a decision of two confederations. We are not members of FIFA, we are independent. We are your partners, not your subordinates, "he said.

Complaints about the UEFA final in Azerbaijan

The end of the Europa League between Arsenal and Chelsea was controversial because of its location. The last match was held in Azerbaijan and both clubs complained about the venue. "We are in charge of all European football and we have to try to grow it everywhere, not only in the big countries. Our way of deciding the location of the finals is not to decide two weeks before when we already know which teams play, for example, this year that two Englishmen played ", clarified the president, who continued explaining the way to proceed with these events.

"Arsenal was the one who complained the most and surely, it was because of the pressure from their fans. There was no alternative, even if they had offered something. Any part of Europe is far away for someone depending on where they live. We took the final of the Europa League to other parts of Europe to try to develop football. But, I must say, the FA now leads in a very positive way. They are very respectful, they travel and try to help smaller countries ", the president finished explaining.

Discarded for FIFA

Before a candidacy to opt for FIFA, Aleksander Ceferin preferred to discard. "No, to FIFA, no, in UEFA, I do not know, anyway, we have term limits, but you never know, if you had told me five years ago that I would be president of UEFA, I would have laughed. 2023 and I will have to make a decision. I am having fun. This is a football organization, not a political organization, "explained the Slovenian.

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