Thinking also of Liberta, Inter faces Aimoré in Gauchão

Thinking also of Liberta, Inter faces Aimoré in Gauchão

March 9, 2019 0 By admin

It's time for the Internacional to return once again to the Gaucho Championship where, on Sunday (10), Colorado will host the Aimoré team in Beira-Rio for the ninth and penultimate round of the qualifying round of the state tournament.

At that moment, Inter are in second place with 16 points, four behind vice-leader and rival Grêmio who plays on Saturday (9) with San José at the Arena. Aimoré, in turn, is fifth with 12 points and may be closer to securing the berth at Gauchão with a victory in Porto Alegre.

Despite the need for a change of focus, the lineup that must be put on the field by Odair Hellmann shows that, in fact, the biggest concern is in the second round of the Copa Libertadores against Alianza Lima-PER next Wednesday (13).

Therefore, no athlete who started as a starter in the 1-0 win against the Palestine-CHI in Santiago is considered to start the match this weekend. On the other hand, names such as D'Alessandro, Neílton and Rafael Sobis will have the possibility of winning the game and the rhythm of the game.

The only question more latent was due to the right-back Bruno due to a last-minute fact. In the activity of last Friday (8), he left limping when twisting his ankle and still does not have his clinical picture properly clarified. In the last case, Heitor occupies the vacancy.

On the other hand, while striker Elias returns from injury, the coach of Indio Capilé, Gelson Conte, has practically ruled out the chance to count on the return of forward Ferreirinha too.

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