Thiago Silva criticizes fields, logistics and ticket prices for Copa America

Thiago Silva criticizes fields, logistics and ticket prices for Copa America

June 30, 2019 0 By admin

Thiago Silva endorsed the criticism of the lawns of the Copa America. After Messi, Suárez, Tite and other figures involved in the tournament talked about the matter, it was the turn of the Brazilian national defender to complain. And he took the opportunity to speak also about the value of the tickets and the difficulty of the traffic caused by traffic, especially in São Paulo.

"In terms of lawn, you all know the conditions on which the lawns are. Not only do we complain, but other players as well. I think it was the least that would have to be done to have good games, to have a larger audience. Suddenly, ticket a bit cheaper as well. The logistics of hotel in days of game is being very difficult, mainly in São Paulo. On training day that precedes the game, recognizing the lawn, we take almost an hour to arrive. Anyway, I think it could have been done a little better. I hope the next time they find a better solution – said the PSG player (FRA).

The Grêmio, Mineirão, Maracanã and Fonte Nova Arena lawns received criticism throughout the competition. After Argentina's 2-0 win over Venezuela in the quarterfinals, Messi went so far as to say that the ball "looks like a rabbit" in the Maracanã field. The only ones that received praise were Morumbi and Corinthians Arena.

On the other hand, it is in São Paulo that there are the biggest logistics problems. The duel between Colombia and Chile on Friday night needed to be delayed in 20 minutes because the Chilean delegation stayed two hours in traffic and arrived at the Corinthians Arena just 40 minutes before the scheduled time for the ball to roll. Many fans also had difficulty getting there. In the game of the Brazilian National Team against Paraguay, in the Arena of the Grêmio, part of the public lost the initial minutes facing queues to enter.

– I think the main thing is to have a good lawn, because then you will have a better show, well played. Much is said: ah, one team does not play, the other does not, it's just a kick. But unfortunately, sometimes, it has to be this way. Our team, which I find to be the most different from all of them, seeks to play even with bad grass, but we are at risk. Many times we do not want to take the risk and end up kicking the ball forward, out, end up not doing what is programmed in the trainings – completed Thiago Silva.

Brazil faces Argentina in the criticized lawn of the Mineirão at 21:30 on Tuesday in search of a vacancy in the decision, which will be in Maracanã. If you lose, you will make the third and fourth match at the Corinthians Arena.

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