The Pan-Americans finish with the United States wrapped in gold and dust

The Pan-Americans finish with the United States wrapped in gold and dust

August 12, 2019 0 By admin

The Pan American Games are coming to an end this Sunday, August 11. The United States took the gold that was in Lima-2019 into full hands, although over the end it had to face the scandal by gestures of protest – of "political nature" – of two of its award-winning athletes.

Brazil, meanwhile, comes out with the second largest shipment of gold and Peruvians, great hosts, pass the torch to Santiago after having organized a Games that defied the cold and humidity, which broke their own records in 50 years.

After 17 days of competitions, concludes the largest multisport event on the planet before Tokyo-2020 opens its doors.

And the continent once again saw American power with a B delegation and, on the end, manifestations of the apparent "political nature" of two medalists in award ceremonies.

Race Imboden knelt down after hanging the bronze in individual fencing foil and then published a tweet in which, in addition to declaring himself "honored to represent" his country, he noted: "My pride has been reduced by the multiple shortcomings in the country that I carry so much pride in my heart. Racism, gun control, mistreatment of immigrants. ”

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn Berry raised his bare right fist after winning gold on a women's hammer throw on Saturday, in the style of John Carlos and Tommie Smith – also African-Americans – at the Mexico-1968 Olympic Games, when they raised their clenched fists, wrapped in black gloves to denounce racial injustice in the United States and in support of the "Black Power" movement.

This Sunday, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee said that it evaluates the “consequences” against the disrespect of both to the commitment of all the athletes of the delegation to “refrain from demonstrations of a political nature,” he said in a message sent this Sunday.

Returning to the strictly sporting, the United States improved in Lima its harvest four years ago in Toronto-2015 (120 golds against 103 of the last date), without allowing great surprises or that Brazil got too close.

And although he conquered swimming, he suffered more in athletics. In the pools they monopolized 21 of the 36 golds in dispute and on the slopes they obtained seven golds against six from Brazil and six from Jamaica.

Gymnast Evita Griskenas and swimmers Margo Geer and Claire Rasmus, with four golds each, were the most visited athletes on the top of the podium in these Pan-Americans.

The three gave more brilliance to the performance of the United States, that only twice, Buenos Aires-1951 and Havana-1991, have not been masters and gentlemen of the Pan-American sport.

And although the crown was always from the United States, Brazil appeared in these games to take the second largest shipment of gold. The South American giant displaced Canada as an immediate escort of the victors.

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