The new plan of Ceferin further slows down the intention of the ECA

The new plan of Ceferin further slows down the intention of the ECA

July 9, 2019 0 By admin

The project of a new European Super League to replace the Champions seems increasingly chimerical. The statements of UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, in The Times, in which he assures that he will raise in the next assembly of the organization new changes to benefit the teams of the minor leagues, have put in check the president of the ECA, Andrea Agnelli, whose reform of the new Champions can remain practically without supports.

The idea of ​​Ceferin is that the minor league teams that have played a good role in the Champions League are assured their presence in the following editions without having to play a previous round. This is the case of Ajax, semifinalist of the maximum continental competition and champion of the Eredivisie, who has yet to win his presence in the group stage.

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Precisely, the teams of the minor leagues, and especially the Ajax, are the great supports of Agnelli within the ECA. At the end of the season, the spokesman of the Dutch club, Edwin Van der Sar, was very critical of the current format of the Champions, which harmed his team, and was one of the most prominent voices in favor of the reform of the competition within the last ECA meeting held in Malta. But nevertheless, After that assembly, the creation of European Superliga seemed to slow down more than ever. The Spanish clubs that are part of the organization and the five major leagues showed their dissatisfaction with the project and came to light reports that predicted large losses of these competitions in television rights (were around 50%).

Thus, The idea of ​​Ceferin with this new measure that it will raise in the UEFA assembly on September 12 is to dissuade teams like Ajax, Galatasaray, Celtic, among others, from abandoning, as the clubs in the big leagues have done, the idea of ​​the ECA to create a European Super League and, thus leaving Agnelli without support in his particular crusade against the Champions.

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