The history of San Jorge, the club of the "seated" that sought to tertiary with Atlético and San Martín in Tucumán

The history of San Jorge, the club of the "seated" that sought to tertiary with Atlético and San Martín in Tucumán

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Athletic Y San Martin they are in Tucumán synonyms of soccer; and today, based on sacrifice, it also appears Saint George, team that managed to position itself as the third largest in this province. On the verge of turning 11 years old – it was founded on July 15, 2008 – the Green Express achieved a remarkable growth, both in sports and institutional.

Its history began to be written in Liga Tucumana and it was installed several seasons ago in the national competitions. A lot of this has to do Marcelo Saez, the man who gave life to Saint George. The institution, which currently has almost 500 members and expects to double that figure in the short term, achieved in times where all things are difficult to carry out having its own stadium, which is located on National Route 9, eight kilometers away of this capital.

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Although it seems distant, before the Expreso played its games in different courts of San Miguel de Tucumán. There was even a time when the club was about to pass into the hands of a manager-headed by Raed Guilermo Y Pablo Toviggino and with the idea of ​​merging with Comercio de Santiago del Estero. However, with a good administration of the leadership and with the contribution of the sponsors, they managed to get out of the hecatomb and put the seed that soon germinated in order to settle in all aspects: institutional, economic and sports.

One of the keys that San Jorge grows is that the leadership bet on players from Tucumán and the benefit was mutual. According to its owners, that cost the institution less expense, and the players-in turn-had a window to show. Several who passed through the club -as in the case of Enzo Maidana– Today they are playing abroad.

"We are a small club, but that is not an excuse for not being ordained. What we promise, we fulfill. This allows us to be recognized as a serious club that faces, in a timely manner, the commitments it makes, "says Saez.

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Saint George at this time sounds everywhere. The country talks about this humble team. And it does after the historic sitting of the players during the second final for the promotion in the Federal A. The game was suspended for abandonment of the Tucuman team, which in protest to suffer two controversial expulsions and five cautioned in the first time , decided not to play the complement and leave the court. In addition, the club announced that it will not continue participating in the contests of the mother entity of Argentine soccer.

"It's a shame that in AFA they continue to be handled in this way, before we complained about Grondona and now we are worse off," Saez himself said. For this scandal, Antonio Raed, president of the Disciplinary Court of the Federal Council of the AFA, resigned his position through a letter sent to Toviggino, president of the Federal Council.

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There will be more fuel to the fire, that's for sure. Meanwhile San Jorge is still betting on his, and is to withdraw from the AFA tournaments, despite the enormous effort of all these years to continue growing in Argentine football.

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