The Glass Ball: Antoine Griezmann is the most valuable player World Cup

The Glass Ball: Antoine Griezmann is the most valuable player World Cup

February 7, 2019 0 By admin

The Frenchman Antoine Griezmann is the star player of the last World Championship in Russia. This is evident from an analysis of all player performances with De Tijd's World data tool.

The FIFA world football association chose the Croatian turntable Luka Modric to MVP, 'Most Valuable Player', of the previous World Cup. The Belgian captain Eden Hazard and the French midfielder Antoine Griezmann complete the stage. FIFA traditionally presents its Golden Ball for best player to a player in the World Cup final, with the Uruguayan Diego Forlan in 2010 being a big exception.

The undisputed 'statistics king' of the previous World Cup is not the Croatian metronome on the midfield Luka Modric or the Belgian dribbling Eden Hazard, but Antoine Griezmann from world champion France. De Tijd and the Ghent-based data company Kick & Rush Lab dived into the figures to analyze the performance of all players at the World Cup. Those are with the World Cup data tool De Glazen Bal in one statistical model cast, with a total score of 100 for each player.

Striking number two behind Griezmann is the Brazilian Philippe Coutinho. He went there with his country in the quarterfinals against Belgium, but the figures show that he played a decisive role for his country. Luka Modric ends third. The statistics summit 10 is completed by Harry Maguire, Domagoj Vida, Mario Mandzukic, Eden Hazard, Ivan Perisic, Neymar and Kevin De Bruyne. The big winners of the World Cup in Russia are midfielders, with five in the top 10. In it, three strikers and two defenders emerge.

The top 10 consists of one Frenchman, one Englishman, two Brazilians, two Belgians and four Croatians. In the top 20 with Jan Vertonghen and Romelu Lukaku two more Red Devils appear.

De Tijd collected from the official website of the world football association FIFA 20 statistics of the 406 players at the World Championships. It's about all possible player data, from minutes played over shots on goal, assists, passes to tackles, the number of kilometers traveled and minutes in possession of the ball.

These basic data have been reduced to eight major parameters, which determine per player how well he performed at the previous World Championship in shot force, targeting, the frequency with which he sent assists to his colleagues in rush hour, his passaccord, the effectiveness of his tackles to play balls. conquer, and how much and how long the player took possession of the ball, on his / her own half and that of the opponent.

Offensive and defensive scoreboard

The Glass Ball of Time

The Time and data company Kick & RushLab inform all teams and matches with this data tool. All competition analyzes, before and after, can be found here.

Each parameter leads to a score between 0 and 100 per player. The strength of the opposition is also taken into account. The performance of Eden Hazard against Brazil gets a higher value in the data model than that against Tunisia or England. Offensive qualitiessuch as goals, shot on goal, assists and passes ahead, got a slightly higher value than pure defensive actions.

It is a choice of De Tijd and Kick & Rush Lab to favor offensive statistics in the data model, because the goal of football is still winning. Nevertheless, the top 20 of the data model is still diving seven defenders on. Goalkeepers are left out of the analysis due to their very specific task.

That offensive and defensive scoreboard of each player is finally cast in one digit, again between 0 and 100. Winner Antoine Griezmann clocked up a final score of 73. Coutinho ends with a score of 70, Modric with 69. Eden Hazard ends with 63.

For comparison: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the two best players on earth that went fast with Argentina and Portugal score 58 and 41 respectively. Mesut Ozil, who is under fire in Germany for his weak performance, gets a score of barely 8. It confirms once more that Ozil neither Germany really was on the appointment.

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