Ten players good for 2 billion transfer money

Ten players good for 2 billion transfer money

August 11, 2019 0 By admin

After eight years, 252 matches and 113 goals, the Red Devil leaves Romelu Lukaku England. He signs a contract for five seasons with the Italian company Inter. The Milan football club allegedly pays Manchester United a transfer fee of 80 million euros, including bonuses. That amount is gradually becoming a normal figure on the transfer market – Lukaku is just one of the top ten in this transfer summer.

More interestingly, Lukaku dives into the top three of players who let the most cash flow between clubs during their careers. The top ten of these together raised almost 2 billion euros. The top hundred created a total cash flow of just under 10 billion euros.

218 million

Chelsea, Everton, Manchester United and Inter put together 218 million euros for Romelu Lukaku.

In top football, where clubs in the world market compete for the best players, the same dynamic plays as in the normal economy. A small, rich elite, baptized "one percenters" by critics of capitalism, is further away from the rest.

There is a hint of doubt around Lukaku throughout his career. According to the statistics, this is not entirely justified. At the age of 26 he is world class in number of matches, assists and goals and he stands up to the comparison with top strikers at the same age. Only Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Aguëro could provide better statistics in 26 years. This includes the nuance that his statistics are less if the number of goals is compared to his total number of matches. He scores about one goal per two matches. Messi is at almost one goal per match.

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