South American: With penalty goal, Uruguay defeats Ecuador

South American: With penalty goal, Uruguay defeats Ecuador

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On Friday night, Uruguay defeated Ecuador 1-0 and won their first win in the decisive South American Hex. With the score, Celeste reached the four points and is in the lead. Meanwhile, the Ecuadorians fell to the vice-leadership, with three.

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In the next round, Ecuador is joining forces with Colombia. Uruguay is a classic with Brazil. All games take place on Monday.

The game

A sleepy first time. Ecuador and Uruguay presented a duel stuck in the middle of the field and with very rare chances of goals for both sides.

The best opportunity of the selected Ecuadorian came with Campana. In an individual play, Alvorado called the Celeste mark to dance and crossed in the head of the shirt 9. The center-forward came up and scratched his head. The ball passed over the crossbar.

The only Uruguayan chance came with Schiappacase. The shirt 10 received in the middle, invaded the large area, but at the time of the kick took ridiculous and sent it out.

In the final stage, the duel remained at the same pace. The difference was that Uruguay took a little more risk in the offensive field. The boldness worked and the goal came in 15 minutes. Schippacase was knocked over and Batista charged hard to open the scoring.

At a disadvantage, Ecuador could not move forward. In the only play that the team managed to change passes, the ball was left for Gonzalo Plata, who filled the foot and hit the crossbar.

In the end, Uruguay managed to hold back Ecuador's disorderly pressure and secured all three points.

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