Rome, Massara da Pallotta: plans for the future

Rome, Massara da Pallotta: plans for the future

April 15, 2019 0 By admin

At stake is the Rome that will come, first the company and after the market: on Monday the Giallorossi ds Frederic Massara will fly to Boston to meet James Pallotta and discuss the future. The team is struggling to enter the Champions League, it is one point from fourth place, but the leadership will meet to plan next season. Directly from America.

Plans for the new Rome

Massara will be in Boston until Wednesday, and he will also be with him Franco Baldini, a sign of how his decisive figure in Pallotta's choices. On the table is the new Rome, also because Massara does not yet know its position. After the farewell of Monchi he became the new ds of Rome, now he wants to know his future. These are the hypotheses: Massara hopes to be involved, so much so that could remain as ds enhancing internal resources. Totti in the first place, who would have more powers, but also Balzaretti.

Campos new consultant?

Or, Pallotta and Baldini could propose to Massara to stay as a sports director, but supported by Luis Campos, current manager of Lille, who would become part of the sports area as a consultant (Petrachi was also contacted, ds of Turin). In these two days the parties will make the first strategic point to build the team, they will also talk about the coach. Now there is Ranieri, before Di Francesco, the Gialorossi need to find continuity. Programming starts in Boston.

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