Pregnancy Diary with Tülin Şahin 10 August 2019

Pregnancy Diary with Tülin Şahin 10 August 2019

August 9, 2019 0 By admin

09.08.2019 – 12:18

When the expectant mother becomes a supermodel, her pregnancy journey turns into a colorful adventure. Tülin Şahin shares all the curiosities of a mother candidate from health to fashion and from exercise to care in her Pregnancy Diary.
Tülin Şahin is looking for the answer to the question nasıl What should hair care be like during pregnancy? En
Hair Designer Gokhan Oktav knocks on the door to get tips on hair care during pregnancy. Then she meets with Yoga Instructor Burcu Olgun to learn the benefits of pregnancy yoga to the expectant mother and the baby. At the end of this colorful section, Tülin Şahin consults an old friend, the mother of three daughters, Pınar Tezcan Özçapkın.
Pregnancy Diary with Tülin Şahin on 10 August Saturday at 12.20 at NTV.

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