Pogba turns towards Juventus

Pogba turns towards Juventus

June 30, 2019 0 By admin

To the Real Madrid the signing of Pogba. The French he is so desperate to leave Manchester United that, although the Madrid option seduces him, he has left open a window with orientation towards Turin that every day opens more. Because the calendar starts to tighten and it's been two weeks since he sent his message of pressure to Ed Woodward from Tokyo, the boss of United: "It's time for a new challenge… "

Little has changed. Manchester remains immovable in its strategy that its star is "non-transferable" and Pogba has run out of vacation. He is summoned tomorrow in Carrington with the rest of the team to start the preseason. Be it not to upset the one that is still his club, Pogba was recorded yesterday at the elitist gym The Palestra of New York carrying out the physical plan that Solskjaer gave to the staff, but would prefer not to get on the plane that will take United to his tour in Australia on July 7.

Confessions, calls and a controversial agent …

It does not seem a coincidence that before this hurry of time, the French signs towards Turin have multiplied. If in May he went to the surprise party of Juventino Barzagli, where according Tuttosport He confessed to his ex-companions that he wanted to return, last week he spoke by phone with Sarri to tell him that he is willing to join the new project bianconero
To this we must add the close relations between Pogba's agent, Mino Raiola (with whom Madrid is not in tune), and Juve, with whom he is negotiating in parallel the signing of De Ligt. One operation can oil the other … With the deadline set on August 8, the closing of the market in the Premier, Pogba gets closer and closer to Juve and forces Madrid to move.

I would not have to lower my salary in Italy thanks to a new law

It is known as the Italian Beckham Law, but it could well be baptized as the Pogba Law. This same week Italy approved the "Decree of Growth", a legislative effort to recruit foreign professionals that the clubs of the Italian Serie A intend to exploit to the fullest. The players who arrive to the transalpine country with the intention of being there at least 24 months will only have to pay taxes on 50% of their income (In the case of the clubs in southern Italy, that percentage can go down to 10%). Some fiscal benefits that make Calcium competitive again in terms of stellar salaries. Just what Juve needs with Pogba …The high chip of the Gaul in England (€ 15M) will be more bearable for the coffers of the Vecchia Signora with this recently approved law that could go into effect at the end of the year. The greater tributary load of these months would be compensated in the following seasons. A method that is being used by Juve in negotiations to convince De Ligt. The latest offer to the Dutch defender, € 12M per season, would place him as the second highest paid in the locker room bianconero despite being a newcomer of 19 years. A tax advantage that is also allowing aggression in the bid by Rabiot, free after finishing contract with PSG. The Juve is seen with the ability to beat the game to Madrid by Pogba and finish putting together a fearsome team around Cristiano …

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