Pogba has a Bolivian girlfriend and two ex Celta brothers

Pogba has a Bolivian girlfriend and two ex Celta brothers

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The fluency of Paul Pogba speaking Spanish is a point in favor for his move to Madrid. The Gallic is polyglot and it is very easy for languages. In addition to French, he learned Italian in Turin, English in Manchester and Spanish between your closest circle, since for years you have as a couple the Bolivian María Zulay Salaues. In January of this year, in fact, they were the parents of their first child. He is a close friend of Dybala and Griezmann, and thanks to all the Spanish-speaking players he played with, he improved his Spanish.

Pogba has been forging his personality since will breed in Roissy in Brie. In this small town of 20,000 inhabitants, one hour from Paris, the French player took his first steps. Their parents they arrived years ago as immigrants from Guinea and they settled in a white building called The Renardiere, on Auguste Renoir Avenue. After separating, it was the mother, Yeo, who took care of Paul and his other two brothers, Mathias and Florentin. Both were in the Celta's lower categories between 2007 and 2009.

The Pogba quickly became famous in the commune. In the field of Roissy US, now of artificial grass and before sand, he started highlight Paul. "It was technically brilliant, I remember that at age 10 we played a tournament in Saint-Raphael and the parents of rival teams complained because they said they were older than they should be. It was not true. He was not even taller than the others, "he told Ace his first trainer, Sambou Tati.

He was in his town team up to 15 years. Then he played one season in the Torcy and he was soon signed by Le Havre, with which he reached the elite. The later road is already known: United, Juventus and again back to United. The great architect of all these transfers was his agent, Mino Raiola, which he found in Pogba a gold mine and a strong personality that coincided with his way of moving around the offices of the clubs.

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In addition to football, Pogba has two great hobbies: Table tennis and music. Some of his teammates at United say that it is strange the day he is not dancing or singing in the dressing room. That is why he has become so famous and loved wherever he went. "With Llorente I learn Spanish," he said when He coincided with him in Juve. That interest in a language that is not his could be the beginning of a relationship with Spain and with Madrid. "I would advise him to go to the Bernabéu, there is Zidane and he loves him very much," he acknowledged. Trainer Tati. Maybe the circle closes finally this summer.

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