Olympic Laguna: Tokyo-2020 will put international tickets on sale from June

Olympic Laguna: Tokyo-2020 will put international tickets on sale from June

March 4, 2019 0 By admin

Tickets to the public outside Japan will begin trading on June 14 (Credit: Tokyo-2020)

The fan who lives outside Japan already knows when he will have the tickets to the Tokyo Olympics 2020. On Sunday (3), during the assembly of the Olympic Council of Asia, the Japanese organizers informed that the date for sale of the international tickets will begin on June 14.

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The domestic stage of ticket sales, only for Japanese residents, will begin between the end of April and the beginning of May. During this period some national holidays are scheduled and there will be even the succession ceremony of the emperor of Japan, Akhito, giving birth to the son Naruhito, on May 1st.

As noted by the site "Inside the Games", the date of June 14 was not chosen by chance.

On this day, a national law that prohibits the resale of tickets with prices above the official will enter into force. The old and good money. And the punishment will not be light at all for anyone caught red-handed. The law provides for up to one year of imprisonment and a fine of up to US $ 9,000 (R $ 33,900).

See images of the arenas for Tokyo-2020:


The most expensive tickets for the Tokyo-2020 Olympics will be the ceremonies of opening and closure, costing US $ 2,500 (R $ 9,435). The cheapest tickets for the ceremonies will be $ 22, while the elderly, children and people with disabilities will pay $ 18 (R $ 67.93).

Regarding the competitions, the cheapest tickets will be found in the soccer, hockey on grass or rugby seven. The most expensive ones should be with the athletics, leaving for up to US $ 1,100 (R $ 4,151.57).


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