Oblak was raised in Turin impacting Buffon

Oblak was raised in Turin impacting Buffon

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Atlético travel to Turin to defend the 2-0 of the first leg and the eyes are on one of their bastions. In Italy, Atlético has been defined as a team that is little less than unbeatable, starting with its goalkeeper. Oblak monopolized praise after two important hands to Cristiano and Bernardeschi. The Slovenian crosses again in Europe on the road to Juve and on Tuesday he will play in a stadium where he was elevated and has great significance for him. On 1-5-2014 a 21-year-old Oblak appeared at Juventus Stadium with just two matches of international experience, to be Benfica's last counter-measure against almighty Juve. La Vecchia Signora had to overcome the 2-1 of the first leg to get into the final of the Europa League, which was going to play in their own stadium. It could not be.

From the skepticism in Lisbon to the Atleti-Madrid fight for signing him.

Oblak had started the season as Benfica's third goalkeeper, but in December Artur was injured and the young Slovenian entered the scene. There was a lot of skepticism in Lisbon, how to leave that responsibility to a boy who had barely debuted in First. Miha Mlakar, representative of the goalkeeper, had to face the unbelievers to defend the decision adopted by Jorge Jesús. "That the Benfica fans are calm, Oblak works to be one of the best in the world and will be the best, there will be no problems," he explained to calm things down. And he gave his reason, so much so that five months later, Oblak appeared in Turin with Atlético already knocking on his door. The contacts and the doorkeeper's follow-up had begun. I was not the only one. Real Madrid had done it too.

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Oblak, Puma's new image, 'brakes' an airplane with the colors of Juventus.
@pumafootball (Pumafootball)

On that rainy May night in May 2014 Benfica resisted with 10 the 0-0 onslaught Tevez, Vidal, Pogba and Pirlo. Precisely the last one had tested him twice with two brilliant answers from the doorman. And over time, he took a header to Cáceres that finished taming Juve. In the opposite goal Buffon attended the deployment of the Slovenian teenager, who decorated the stops with a bunch of drop-offs and decisions, and did not miss the opportunity. When the shock ended, he looked for him to congratulate him in person and explain that if he continued to work with humility, he would become one of the best in the world. Oblak has followed that recipe. Now he arrives at his best, with five straight games without conceding goals and having premiered captaincy. The pass to the quarterfinals will pass through his hands.

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