Neymar, by auction: only Barça or Real Madrid can sign you

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Summer can still bring surprises for fans of Madrid. And of the fat ones. The disagreement of Neymar with the PSG has ended up putting the player in the orbit of Madrid. The soccer player has been offered to the white club and there have been conversations. The situation for Neymar is complicated. A soccer player of 200 million euros and 37 million net salary per year looking for a way out. With the market of the Premier closed, you can only find it in Real Madrid or at Barcelona. And if the two entities finally enter into conflict for him, it will be Neymar himself who benefits from that circumstance: he will leave the PSG faster and with a better agreement for him.

Something similar happened when he signed for Barcelona in 2013. He first reached an agreement with Real Madrid. He even passed the medical examination (for which he traveled Carlos Diez to Saints) with the white set. That was when Barça appeared, there was a kind of auction and the culé entity was higher (those contracts ended up being reviewed by the Justice). Now a similar situation could be generated.

Madrid has the possibility of entering the operation openly. It has several factors in its favor. The first, his good relationship with Wagner Ribeiro, key man of the Neymar, who met a few months ago with Florentino at the ACS offices. The direct route between Juni Calafat and Neymar Sr. is another great trigger that also joins the good relationship of the president of Madrid with Nasser Al Khelaifi, president of the PSG. They have always been respected and Florentino did not hesitate to send official communications, denying news that related Madrid to Neymar and Mbappé. It was always in front of the PSG that, on the other hand, has had conflicts with Barcelona in the recent past. Bartomeu's attempts to sign Varratti, especially, and then Rabiot, did not like the sheikh. With Verratti he responded, precisely, tempting and signing Neymar.

Barcelona has in its favor that the Brazilian soccer player is more for the work of playing again next to Messi. The Argentine star has no feeling with the newcomer Griezmann and, as it has transpired in the Barcelona, he would have asked Bartomeu to bring him back to Neymar.

Bale. For Real Madrid and PSG the operation could be considered as an exchange of favors. Today, Neymar is a big problem for the PSG (a player who wants to go out for the one who paid 222 million and who charges so much). The problem for Madrid, on the other hand, is called Bale and James. Any of them could enter the operation to lower it. The case of Welsh is especially worrying for Madrid. The Premier was its main market and there has been no offer for it. It would be ideal for the white entity to go to the PSG.

The French entity, in addition, would be very interested in putting the business in Keylor Navas He's in conversations to sign Donnarumma but in reality his dream goalkeeper is the Costa Rican. Everything would fit, and Lunin He would stay as second goalkeeper for Zidane.

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