Nanni: "Mihajlovic? He can recover quickly"

Nanni: "Mihajlovic? He can recover quickly"

July 14, 2019 0 By admin

Sinisa Mihajlovic's announcement has upset the world of football and beyond. "I have leukemia" the Bologna coach confessed, firmly convinced he could make it and wipe out this bad thing. The rossobl├╣ coach announced it at the press conference, before giving the floor to the club doctor, Gianni Nanni, that commented on the situation of the Serbian. "It is a problem born the day before the retreat, when we began to fear that it was a pathology of this kind – he explained -. In the space of five days we then had the confirmation: it is an acute leukemia. Vent ' years ago we couldn't talk about it, but today we can also talk about a rosy future for a coach who will be able to continue to make his profession, indeed he must continue. Current therapies are effective, we don't know how long it will take because we have to do other tests. We know the diagnosis, but not the type of leukemia yet. So we don't know what kind of therapies it will do, how long it will take, but we'll get to the bottom. It is a disease that can be defeated quickly. And by winning this battle he will come back stronger than before ". Dr. Nanni returned to the 'discovery' of the disease:" We discovered it by accident, because the mister presented himself with a pain that could make us think of a muscular problem – he added -. We did a magnetic resonance of the marrow, where it emerged that there was a signal at bone level to be thoroughly analyzed. The fact that there are no obvious symptoms is already a good sign. Excuse us for the lie of the fever: it was a way to take time and deepen the situation. From Tuesday Sinisa will be admitted to the Sant'Orsola Hospital and will be in excellent hands, then he will be able to recover his activity. We ask for maximum privacy for the next few weeks ".

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