Muth, from the River Oblivion: Looking for a job on Twitter

Muth, from the River Oblivion: Looking for a job on Twitter

August 14, 2019 0 By admin

In 2015 he never imagined that it would end like this. Ezequiel Muth he was 16, he had just won the unbeaten Adidas Cup. The best goalkeeper of the competition. Milan liked it, was a young promise of the River al Monumental, on his Twitter profile there is still the photo of when he raised the cup. He kisses her and smiles, thinking of the future.

Muth, from promise to cv on Twitter

Today, Muth's life has changed, it has not become a top player and is not approved in Italy. He has no team and has 'offered' on Twitter by posting his resume: "I am without a team, without a home or a job, but my dream is always to play". Currently he lives with a known friend thanks to the fútbol, ​​they help each other, Muth wants a team that believes in him to continue to feed his passion.

He played for one year with Villacarillo in Spain, but was fired: "They didn't even pay me." Now look for a team. He posted his CV on August 8th, in less than a day he got more than 4000 likes and shares. As we write, it has even risen to 11 thousand retweets and 'I like it'. Muth doesn't want to give up: "For all the sacrifice I made and above all for my family that suffers more than me, I don't want to lower my arms". Maybe someone will notice him and will give him another chance, to continue to parry.

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