Milan to Lafont and Fiorentina win the victory in San Siro

Milan to Lafont and Fiorentina win the victory in San Siro

December 22, 2018 0 By admin

With goalkeeper Lafont in an inspired afternoon, Fiorentina surprised and defeated Milan 1-0 at San Siro with a goal from Federico Chiesa, a match valid for the seventeenth round of the Italian League. With the loss, Rossoneros lost the position in the G4 and they fell to the fifth place.

After a goalless draw with Bologna, Milan wanted to recover and with the support of their fans at the San Siro, the match began on top of Fiorentina. With only two minutes of play, the Rossoneros already had a good chance with Çalhanoglu, who forced the goalkeeper to make good defense.

Milan followed in the pressure and again the Turkish wasted a great chance, invading the area alone and touching to the left of the goal defended by Lafont. However, Viola's goalkeeper had a strong kick from the edge of the Ricardo Rodriguez area, in the 29th minute, where he flew brilliantly to avoid the first goal of the match.

After the break, the Rossoneri team was again stopped by Lafont, who lived late inspired. At Higuain's header on the penalty spot, the Fiorentina goalkeeper did an unexplained miracle to save the visitors in a spectacular way and hold the match in that moment.

And as the old saying goes football: who does not, leads. And that's what happened at San Siro. Fiorentina's Federico Chiesa fired the ball past Federico Chiesa into a free kick from the edge of the area to get the full defense of Donnarumma and score a fine goal that set the final score .

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