Markus Rosenberg confirms: Extends the contract with Malmö FF

Markus Rosenberg confirms: Extends the contract with Malmö FF

November 9, 2018 0 By admin

First, Malmö FF published a movie clip on Twitter, which indicated that team captain Markus Rosenberg – who had previously flagged to finish his career – was to extend his contract for a year.

Now the assailant himself confirms that this is the case.

"We are running a year to!" He says.

Just a little while after Malmö published a trailer about an upcoming Mark Rosenberg-documentary on their Twitter account, which at the end gave a fairly clear indication that the captain would extend his stay in the club for a year, now the confirmation comes from both the player and the club.

The striker – who scored twelve goals and six assistants in this year's all-Swedish – stays over the 2019 season.

– I'll miss it too much. I think we'll drive another year instead, says He in a new Twitter movie.

MFF: Believe or know?

– I know. We are running a year to!

"Seems no reason to quit"

To the club's website, Rosenberg says that he could never dream of achieving all these achievements he made with the team.

"Until the summer there was no gun performance from me or the team. But then it has felt very good. And it does not really matter with results and points to do, but much about the mental, if I burn for it and how the body feels. If we move on to the Europa League and reach a European place in all Sweden, it's positive but not crucial, he says, and continues:

"I can not find a reason to stop. The family wants me to continue, the body is still and I'm passionate about football and for MFF. In the end, it was really a simple decision.

"Our most important player"

From the board of directors it has been clearly stated that Rosenberg would get a new contract just himself.

"Markus Rosenberg has done a very good season and really proved that he is at the absolute highest level in Sweden. He delivers match after match and can play a lot despite a tight match. He has been very important to us this year, says sports director Daniel Andersson to the website.

"It feels amazing that he has extended. He has been our most important player since he came home, both on and off the plane. He shows the way through his claim, attitude and professionalism. It is vitally important for the club to stay him for a year, "says Andersson.

Malmö FF is playing his last Swedish match for the season home at Stadion against Elfsborg, Sunday at 15.00.

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