Maradona against the 48 teams World Cup: "If Infantino wants to do a show, I do not understand"

Maradona against the 48 teams World Cup: "If Infantino wants to do a show, I do not understand"

March 17, 2019 0 By admin

Diego Maradona again questioned the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino. After the 1-1 draw between Dorados de Sinaloa and Mineros de Zacatecas, the Ten gave a press conference in which he expressed his dissatisfaction with the management of the Italian leader.

Maradona took a question about the expansion of 32 to 48 teams for the next World Cup to be played in Qatar and attacked the president of FIFA.

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"Infantino before the elections called me and after the elections he did not call me anymore", said the Argentine coach, adding: "I want to clarify well that I am not a worker or operator of Infantino, I am a Dorados technician and I defend football, if Infantino wants to make this a show, I do not know, I do not understand."

"If Infantino wants to talk to me, he has my phone number", said Maradona defiantly, who also questioned the FIFA vice-president, Zvominir Bobban.

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El Diez said he was "very hot" because of Infantino's treatment, and argued: "Before winning the elections, many things were said that were not fulfilled, and that is betraying the people."

The draw of Dorados de Sinaloa

The team led by Maradona reaped an agonizing point in his match after drawing 1-1 with Mineros de Zacatecas for the 12th date of the Ascent MX (second division).

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Sergio Adrián Flores put the Mineros ahead 1-0 with a long distance shot at minute 42. They played the time off when Dorados came 1-1. It was scored by Argentine Fabian Bordgaray with a header to the edge of the penalty area.

"What I saw was a flood of ours that the rivals could never break, I am proud of my players," said Maradona at the press conference at the end of the match.

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"What hurts me is that they kicked once to the goal in 90 minutes and it was a goal, but my team did not kick, they played football and that's why they drew," he explained.

With their fourth draw of the tournament, the team of Diego reached 12 points and remain placed in the twelfth position.

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