Long summer by Pogba

Long summer by Pogba

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Madrid looks at the 'Operation Pogba' full of patience. As you may have known ACE, the idea of ​​the club is to give it first Another acceleration to the exits and continue making cash to balance the accounts. So you will find economic feasibility for a transfer, that of the French, that it will not be soon or cheap at all. Meanwhile, they wait for Manchester United to agree to negotiate.


The possible signing of Pogba, the great request of Zidane this summer to the sports management, will demand a lot of endurance and not less money. In the offices of the Bernabéu this recruitment is approached very much in the style of some of those who made Florentino famous. The plan contemplates that, if it closes, it will be near the end of the market, that this year the curtain falls in Spain on September 2. This is what happened in his day with Ronaldo Nazário (August 31, 2002), Modric (August 27, 2012) or Bale (August 31, 2013).

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No price for Pogba

The reality at this point, almost mid-July, is that Manchester United has closed in band for its great star. At Old Trafford they do not want to negotiate, so the Madrid does not have a price for the player. It is assumed, however, that it will be very expensive, but United's position means that there is still no point of departure and reference. The time factor could play against Madrid: the clubs of the Premier can only sign up until August 8, so a sale, and more so sensitive, after that day would be difficult to counteract …

Escudo / Bandera M. United

The Fair Play Financial, key

The threat of Fair Play Financial makes Madrid have to monitor their investment so that between sales and purchases there is no more than 100 million difference. The club has been reinforced so far, without counting the variables, worth 298 and has sold for 115. Among the figures, then, They are 183 kilos. Therefore, in order to comply with UEFA it is necessary to lighten the squad, and for that it has very attractive players whose continuity is in the air: James, that will go safe; Bale, who wants to stay despite the position of the board and Zidane; Isco; Lucas Vázquez… They also have the key that opens Pogba's door.

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