Laguna Olimpico: Japanese buy more than 3 million tickets for Tokyo-2020

Laguna Olimpico: Japanese buy more than 3 million tickets for Tokyo-2020

July 6, 2019 0 By admin

Residents in Japan bought 3.2 million tickets in the first phase of sales (Credit: Tokyo-2020)

The first phase of the sale of tickets for the Olympiad and Paralympics of Tokyo 2020 had a demand higher than expected by the organizers. On Friday (5), the local committee released a balance sheet sales of the first phase of commercialization. The numbers are impressive. No less than 3.2 million tickets were sold to people living in Japan.

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According to the organizing committee, the demand for tickets exceeded internal expectations. More than 7.5 million people signed up on the official website to participate in the entry draw. More than 90% of those who applied have confirmed the purchase.

A new sales phase will begin in August, again for Japanese residents. Fans from other countries can get tickets since June, but only in the authorized distributors for each national Olympic committee.

In Brazil, the sale of tickets for the Olympics and Paralympics of 2020 will be made by the company MATCH Hospitality.

Of the 7.8 million tickets offered for sale, about 70% will go to the Japanese public. From April 2020, anyone can buy tickets on the official website of the Tokyo Games or even the official box office that will be operating in the Japanese capital. The possibility of the total number of tickets available to 9 million is already discussed in the wings.

The opening of the Tokyo-2020 Olympics is scheduled for July 24. For now, the Paralympics tickets are not being marketed, and will open on August 25 of next year.


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