Kosovo, what a feat: beat the Czech Republic! Schick's goal is not enough

Kosovo, what a feat: beat the Czech Republic! Schick's goal is not enough

September 7, 2019 0 By admin

Muriqi and Vojvoda launch Challandes' team in the first momentary place waiting for England after the surprising 2-1 to the Czechs. Berisha (Lazio) and Jankto (Samp) among the 'Italians' on the field

Space for the fifth day of the qualifying competitions for Euro 2020. Today the groups A, B and H are on the field. Surprise at the start of the day with the unpredictable success of Kosovo 2-1 over the Czech Republic. At 18 in Lithuania- Ukraine, Iceland-Moldova and England-Bulgaria. It closes at 8.45 pm with Serbia-Portugal, France-Albania and Turkey-Andorra.

Group A

Resounding one-two comeback and momentary first place in the group, waiting for England (18 hours against Bulgaria). Unbelievable! Kosovo beats Czech Rep. 2-1 and flies to 8 points. Second win in a row after Bulgaria 3-2. Vojvoda and Muriqi's goals were decisive, for the second consecutive goal. The Czech Rep. Took the lead with the former Roma (now on loan at Leipzig) Schick in the first half (16 ') but was reached after just 4 minutes. A great satisfaction for the Challandes boys, never defeated in these first 4 qualifying matches for the 2020 European Championships, and also coming back from the Nations League promotion. Among the 'Italians', in the field the Czech Jankto (Samp) for 9th and the Kosovar Valon Berisha (Lazio) for 40'. The biancoceleste midfielder, back at Inzaghi's disposal after a difficult year plagued by injuries, served the decisive assist for the winning goal.

Ranking (in brackets the races played): Kosovo 8 (4), England 6 (2), Czech Republic 6 (4), Bulgaria 2 (4), Montenegro 2 (4).

Today's program

England-Bulgaria 6 pm (Pool A)

Lithuania-Ukraine 6 pm (Pool B)

Serbia-Portugal 20.45 (Group B)

Iceland-Moldova, 6 pm (Pool H)

France-Albania 20.45 (Group H)

Turkey-Andorra 20.45 (Group H)

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