Juve, Sarri's staff: it's not Barzagli

Juve, Sarri's staff: it's not Barzagli

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The era of Maurizio Sarri a Juventus. On Wednesday 10th July the gathering at the Continassa in which he led for the first time the training of the bianconeri. Several men already available, not yet present Cristiano Ronaldo and Gigi Buffon, who will return to Turin soon. To help Maurizio Sarri in his work one staff rather broad. In fact, his new team of collaborators has been made official. As known, there will be no Andrea Barzagli, but there are several well-known faces within Sarri's staff: here the complete list of collaborators published on the official Juventus website.

Sarri's technical staff at Juventus for the 2019-2020 season

Giovanni Martusciello – Assistant coach
Marco Ianni – Technical collaborator
Gianni Picchioni – Technical collaborator
Loris Beoni – Technical collaborator
Claudio Filippi – Goalkeeping coach
Massimo Nenci – Goalkeeping coach


Daniele Tognaccini – Athletic preparation manager
Andrea Pertusio – Athletic Trainer
Davide Losi – Athletic Trainer
Enrico Maffei – Athletic trainer
Duccio Ferrari Bravo – Athletic trainer
Davide Ranzato – Athletic Trainer


Roberto Sassi – Responsible
Antonio Gualtieri
Darragh Connolly


Luca Stefanini – Healthcare Manager
Nikos Tzouroudis – Head of the first team
Marco Freschi – First team doctor


Riccardo Scirea – Responsible
Domenico Vernamonte – Match analyst
Giuseppe Maiuri – Match analyst

Who are Sarri's collaborators

Among the best known names in Maurizio Sarri's staff is that of Giovanni Martusciello, who after training in Serie A in the past against Empoli – the Juventus coach's former team – and having spent the last two seasons at Inter as Luciano Spalletti's technical collaborator, will be the 2019-2020 season assistant coach of Juventus. Among the technical collaborators of Sarri also Marco Ianni, famous for the hard fight had with José Mourinho last season when Sarri coached Chelsea and the Special One led Manchester United. Another assistant will be Loris Beoni, who was also Sarri's coach, beat him as an opponent and also worked with him in Naples. Among the collaborators also Gianni Picchioni, while he remains as goalkeeper coach Claudio Filippi, much appreciated by Buffon and Szczesny. Massimo Nenci will also work with the latter. A face known as responsible for athletic training: it is about Daniele Tognaccini, historic Milan coach and mind of Milan Lab. After leaving the Rossoneri a year ago, Tognaccini will put his experience at the service of Sarri and Juventus. He will work with Andrea Pertusio, already in Juventus with Allegri, together with Davide Losi, Enrico Maffei, Duccio Ferrari Bravo and Davide Ranzato. Roberto Sassi will be the manager of the department of Sport Science, in which also Antonio Gualtieri and Darragh Connolly will work, while the health manager Sara Luca Stefanini, who after a few years returns to work on the first team. In the medical staff also Nikos Tzouroudis and Marco Freschi. Finally confirmed Riccardo Scirea, son of the historic captain Gaetano, as Head of the Match Analysis area, a role he has held for years. Together with him the other two match analysts will be Domenico Vernamonte and Giuseppe Maiuri.

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