James: "No one is going to ask John Félix for miracles"

James: "No one is going to ask John Félix for miracles"

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The former Portuguese player Tiago, now in the technical structure of the national teams, said on Wednesday that Atletico Madrid fans will not "ask for miracles" to João Félix, who believes he will be "very cherished" .

"I think he will feel very cherished, no one will ask him at first to do miracles, to score 50 goals. Those fans just want dedication and commitment, and what I saw of João, he has," he said.

Before the presentation ceremony of Channel 11, a new station dedicated to Portuguese football, Tiago said that the signing of João Félix is ​​"drawing a lot of attention" in both Portugal and Spain and expects the 19-year-old "to be very happy".

"He is a 19-year-old kid, but full of quality. He is drawing a lot of attention and we are talking a lot about Atletico Madrid, a fantastic club for which I am passionate. I hope you are very lucky and that you are very happy, "he concluded.

The president of the Spanish football league, Javier Tebas, also attended the ceremony and said that in Spain, a lot is expected of Juan Félix, noting the surprising investment of the Madrid club in his contract.

"It is a very surprising price, we will see the result. It is a great promise and I believe Atletico Madrid made this investment because we are facing a great player.

Joao Félix was signed to Benfica by Atletico Madrid in a 126 million euros deal, which is the fourth most expensive transfer in the history of world football.

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