Isco is devalued

Isco is devalued

February 5, 2019 0 By admin

The confrontation of Solari with Isco does not seem to have solution and that causes that the quote of the mediapunta has fallen since the arrival of the Argentine technician. In just over three months the market value of the Malaga has fallen from 90 to 75 million, according to the estimate of Transfermarkt. The malagueño is the soccer player of the white template that more has devalued to the orders of Solari. In spite of this, the Madrid-based directive supports the coach in his particular 'battle' with Isco, as reported by As on January 18. Solari knows that he has the presidential support to maintain the pulse with Isco, even though they are aware of the loss of value that the malagueño is suffering. This, meanwhile, has decided to stay calm and wait until you know what happens with Solari at the end of the season to decide if he asks to be transferred to any of the clubs that claim, such as Manchester City, Bayern, Inter, PSG …

The last chapter of the distancing between coach and player was staged in the match against Alaves last Sunday. Solari only gave the Malagueño three minutes with the game already resolved. At the time of the change, the coach gave instructions while the playmaker was impassive. At the conclusion of the meeting, Isco did show his discomfort in a more significant way by making a gesture to Chendo, when the delegate wanted to pat him on the arm in congratulations. Everything seems to indicate that the disagreement between Isco and Solari It will still have more chapters and, meanwhile, the value of the Malaga would be falling.

Isco is not the only Madridista who has lost value since the arrival of Solari. Bale, Asensio and Ramos, although these for different reasons, have seen their quotation fall 10 million in three months. Bale and Asensio have gone from 90 to 80 million and the captain, from 40 to 30. Nacho, Keylor, Mariano have also lost value, but to a lesser extent.

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