Is the world amazed more important than a prize?

March 9, 2019 0 By admin


Surprising the world is more important than a prize

  • Once (57%)

  • Disagree (43%)

I start this argument with a quiz question for the future. Suppose, in twenty years you will be in the football canteen and some football questions will come along. Question 1: who became champion of the premier league in the 2018-2019 season? Question 2: how much did Ajax win the away match in the Champions League with title defender Real Madrid?

Of course, the last question will be easier to answer.

1-4, there is no guess at that. That question will even cause nostalgic feelings in the football canteen. This achievement is a prize in itself. No indeed. It does not produce any silverware (for the time being). But it is: pride, self esteem, respect in the international football world, admiration.

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