"If you meet someone you are a criminal"

"If you meet someone you are a criminal"

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Turns back after Sirius's play


Sebastian Larsson

ofMalin Wahlberg

Sirius thinks that the judges were affected is the home dance and distorted AIK.

Sebastian Larsson doesn't agree at all.

– It is to grab the straw. Rather, I think it was the opposite if I were to be completely honest, says the midfield star.

Sirius did a good half and took the lead against AIK. But in the second, the reigning champions turned the match and won with 2-1.

Afterwards, both the coach Henrik Rydström and the Sirius players thought that the judges were affected by the home pressure.

– They (AIK) work hard and praise their audience that affects the judges. There are many rulings that go AIK's way. Sebastian Larsson may not be left on the track and we may have a penalty. It is praise for how the supporters work here, says Rydström to C More.

"A team masked"

Philip Haglund agrees.

– I find that it is several times when it is clear that it is the corner in our direction or not the corner in their direction. Everyone is human, but yes, I think they are affected by the audience here.

Sebastian Larsson is of a completely different opinion. When he hears Sirius's statements he laughs.

– Wow. Should I comment? Six minutes …, he says and refers to the additional time of the match, before continuing:

– It's enough to grab the straw. Rather, I think it was the opposite if I were to be completely honest. That we had some benefits, definitely not. And are you talking about delaying the game, when did we make 2–1? Well, it was a law that masked before it and we were not.

"Is a criminal"

Larsson refers to the debate that took place after AIK's match against IFK Norrköping last weekend where the champions were accused of delaying the game.

– Look almost over 70 minutes, who is taking time? It is not at all in any case. I think probably because the judges were affected by what was in the media to find 6.5 minutes, it is completely non-existent.

Larsson received a yellow card in the 94th minute, but did not like Rydström that he deserved red.

– There is only that situation when it gets yellow card, but there is no speed in any situation. I'll have a free kick myself before. But it's like this at home, I've got used to it now. If you thank someone and happen to meet someone a little, you are a criminal. That's it, but it's no problem, he says.



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