Icardi wants more Champions

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Those who know him tell that Mauro Icardi defines his personality and winning spirit. They explain that they face each challenge with full confidence, giving the feeling that nothing is great. A good proof of this is in the 2015-16, when he assumed the captaincy of Inter with 22 years and made 16 goals, totaling 50 in the Series A, the foreigner faster to get it.


Precisely because of the responsibility of carrying that Inter tape on his arm, the club that feels like his, rejected offers and delayed one of his dreams: debut in the Champions League. It was in 2018-19, already 26 years old, late for his potential because he wanted to live that moment as an interista. And he did it in a big way, marking four of the team's six goals in a group phase that did not exceed. Protagonist even before the Barça, his success did not hide however a less pleasant reality: his merits were insufficient for and for Inter.

Escudo / Bandera Inter

That made that over time the Argentine doubted his continuity in Milan. In fact, as As said, He has already decided that he will not renew and will look for an exit to a club that fights to win the Champions League. Madrid is his great dream and Juventus, his most feasible option. Inter, meanwhile, has been cast in its renewal since January, eliminated from the Europa League and 27 points behind the leader in Serie A … Reasons that justify Icardi's desire to leave to compete for titles, especially for the Orejona.

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