Ian Reutemann continues to excite Argentine racing: he won in La Plata

Ian Reutemann continues to excite Argentine racing: he won in La Plata

July 21, 2019 0 By admin

Ian Reutemann, Carlos' nephew, won his first TC Track race with just 16 years old

The car racing through the blood: Ian Reutemann, the nephew of Carlos Reutemann, got in La Plata the first win of his career to be imposed on the ninth date of TC Pista Mouras with just 16 years, becoming the second youngest driver of history in getting a victory in the category.

But Ian goes beyond his surname. On board his Dodge, he beat Marcos Castro (Ford) and Fernando Iglesias (Chevrolet) in his battle after 15 laps of the circuit. Ian, a native of Humboldt, is the grandson of the Lole's cousin. After having achieved pole position at the La Plata racetrack in February, Reutemann managed to become the youngest poleman in the history of the ACTC categories on the same track.

"We've been working hard for this, motorsport is my passion, and I want to make my own way, it's beautiful to celebrate the first victory with a race as beautiful as this," said the winner of the race with a big smile.

Reutemann practically on top of a car. He started in the Karting del Litoral, where he devoted himself in the 2011 and 2012 seasons in the 110cm3 category. In 2013 he was champion of the Rotax category and in 2016 he was provincial champion of Córdoba in 125 cm3. He also did tests in an Italian Formula 4 car with the Prema team, linked to Ferrari.

Reutemann marches third in the championship with 308 points, behind the leader Otto Fritzler who accumulates 322.5 units and below Marcos Castro, who has 318.5 points, both with Ford.

The positions of the race:

  • 1 ° – Ian Reutemann (Dodge) 26m33s586
  • 2 ° – Marcos Castro (Ford) to 408/1000
  • 3 ° – Fernando Iglesias (Chevrolet) to 1s490 / 1000
  • 4 ° – Nicolás Montanari (Dodge) to 1s866 / 1000
  • 5 ° – Ramiro Granara (Dodge) to 2s707 / 1000
  • 6th – Alberto Jaime (Dodge) to 2s953 / 1000
  • 8th – Matías Frano (Ford) to 4s075 / 1000
  • 9 ° – Nicolás Morán (Ford) to 4s722 / 1000
  • 10 ° – Franco Passarino (Dodge) to 5s541 / 1000

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