Hazard will disrupt Vinicius

Hazard will disrupt Vinicius

April 15, 2019 0 By admin

That Hazard will be the first to arrive is something unquestionable within Madrid. It is the galactic that is more to shot, the agreement with the player is total and just need to finish convince Chelsea. It will not be easy, given that Hazard ends contract in 2020 and the English entity is obliged to sell it (so as not to let it go free the following summer) or renew it. What have not yet thought about the offices of the Bernabéu, or yes but it looks like a lesser evil, is that hiring It could upset the profession of Vinicius. It is a matter of positions in the countryside.

Vinicius can be harmed by having less hierarchy than Hazard. The season of the Brazilian in Madrid has been spectacular. They have been seven goals and 13 assists in just over 2,000 minutes of play. He only started telling when Solari arrived. Before, with Lopetegui, I had to alternate the training of the first team with the Castilla matches. Y when he had the opportunity he shone, and a lot, but always on the left. His position is clear, in that profile is where he has exit on both sides and then can attend. The auction has yet to perfect it. But the only time he played center forward, in the eighth round of the Cup against Leganes, was a fiasco his first part. Then, in the second one, already in the left, it was again one of the best. The official statistic says that Vinicius plays the 94% of the time on the left, 4% as center forward and 2% on the right.

Hazard, by his parte and although it has come to play in the three positions of attack, also he feels more comfortable starting from the left. Official statistics indicate that he has played 68% of the games of the last two seasons with Chelsea starting from the left, where has more outlet to the center for being right-handed. He, however, has played the 16% of the time as false nine (with Sarri), and also the 16% of the games on the right. The problem is that the logical thing would be for the coach to try that the consecrated star, which is him, is the one who is comfortable to the detriment of Vinicius. Hazard's tendency to play on the left is even more marked with his selection. There is a small problem in sight for one of the two, Hazard or Vinicius …

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