Golazo by Abdoulaye Ba

Golazo by Abdoulaye Ba

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Rayo is taking this first battle with a goal by Abdoulaye Ba. The center-back dared to climb to the attack to finish a precise center of Embarba from the right wing. Before, Rayo saw how the referee with the help of his VAR assistant canceled a goal to Embarba and another to Sergi Darder. Espanyol started hesitantly but had twenty minutes of great offensive power where the lack of success deprived them of celebrating their first goal of the afternoon.

45 & # 039; + 3 & # 039; End of the first part in the ETS! Espanyol 0-1 Rayo Vallecano.

45 & # 039; + 2 & # 039; Offside by Sergio García and Borja Iglesias!

45 & # 039; + 1 & # 039; Wu Lei wanted to close the ball before he gave the ball to Borja Iglesias. The striker has cut to leave the floor to the center, just at that time had the pass, but ended with a shot stuck to the outside of the network.

45 & # 039; Three minutes are added to the first part!

43 & # 039; Rosales's shot! Espanyol player wanted to finish the play before losing the ball and cause a Rayo counter. Its launch since the end of the area has gone by several meters.

41 & # 039; Squeeze the Espanyol! One, two and even three centers to the interior of the area, in none we have seen a shot at goal.

40 & # 039; We entered the last five minutes of the first part! Epsanyol had several chances to go ahead and even the VAR canceled a goal to Sergi Darder.

37 & # 039; The kick of Comesaña goes out! Imbula gives up the ball because he sees his teammate coming from the second line. The midfielder shoots with the outside of the boot, which causes the ball to go out.

35 & # 039; Take the corner in favor of Espanyol!

33 & # 039; Abdoulaye Ba scores the first ray with his head! Embarba lateral center to the heart of the area, there, the center appears to overcome in the jump the pericos defenders and beat Diego Lopez.


30 & # 039; You have to go on a Piatti stretcher! Wu Lei enters that already debuted against Villarreal.

28 & # 039; The assists come in to attend Piatti for a bad fall with the knee. It does not look good and everything is going on a stretcher.

26 & # 039; Dimitrievski catches the ball from Rosales!

25 & # 039; Foul by Emiliano Velázquez about Sergio García! Dangerous foul in the left vertex favorable for Epsanyol.

22 & # 039; Dimitrievski catches a low pass to Borja Iglesias. Espanyol has put the fifth gear and does not stop harassing the rayista goal, a storm is coming for the team led by Míche.

21 & # 039; The RCDE Stadium pays tribute to Dani Jarque! They will never forget their captain.

19 & # 039; Goal canceled Sergi Darder! The referee consulted, previously, with his VAR assistant before making the final decision.

18 & # 039; The ball is poisoned with several shots inside the small area, the fans are alarmed by that play but just leaving the area, the Madrid defense takes the danger with a ball.

17 & # 039; Take the corner in favor of Espanyol!

16 & # 039; Progress Espanyol at the feet of Piatti that appears between lines to advance meters, Marc Roca and Borja Iglesias accompany him on the play.

13 & # 039; Ball into space for RDT and Álvaro García, the two players do not understand each other and loses the advantage in favor of Espanyol.

10 & # 039; Goal canceled to Embarba! The player in his second attempt manages to beat Diego Lopez but the play is annulled because he is in an illegal position. The action comes from a shot by Álex Moreno

9 & # 039; New arrival by the left band of Rayito, those of Míchel are attacking the flank of Rosales and is percutiendo notably by that lane. Álvaro García is beating the side in every action he has.

7 & # 039; First minutes of a single color, the Raoy is tenienod the initiative and has already enjoyed a clear chance of goal of De Tomás.

5 & ​​# 039; Foul by Raúl de Tomás to David López!

3 & # 039; Raúl de Tomás has had it! The striker finishes inside the area with his head down to surprise the goalkeeper. However, Diego López manages to stop the ball.

1 & # 039; Rayo's first arrival! Raúl de Tomás asks for the ball but Advíncula does not put the center and passes the ball to Embarba.

Starts the match! Espanyol vs Rayo Vallecano.

The Espanyol's wardrobe looks like the players' shirts and their respective boots.

Here we can see part of the warming of the Rayo Vallecano!

The Rayo Vallecano has already stepped on the grass where he will play in less than half an hour a direct duel for salvation.

Nice gesture of Espanyol with the victims of the Flamengo academy! The club will wear a black bracelet in the match against Rayo Vallecano.

In the Rayo bench we will see: Alberto García, Gálvez, Mario Suárez, Medrán, Pozo, Baby and Di Santo.

The substitutes of Espanyol are: Roberto, Alfa, Ferreyra, Javi Lopez, Puado, Barn and Wu Lei.

Rayo Vallecano is presented with the following titular team: Dimitrievski; Advíncula, Velázquez, Amat, Ba, Alex Moreno; Comesaña, Imbula; Álvaro, De Tomás and Embarba.

Espanyol comes out with: Diego López; Rosales, David López, Lluís, Díac; Darder, Roca, Melendo; Sergio García and Borja Iglesias,

We already have the official alignments!

Vallecano Ray He stopped his winning streak last day with a defeat against Leganes, a blur in his record to continue fighting for salvation. Michel managed to find a solution with a tactical change to a defense of three with two very offensive lanes.

A Spanish with losses and doubts about the results of these last dates, come to the confrontation this afternoon before the Ray. A vital match for the three points and to give a joy to his fans that this year has only seen a victory and a draw.

Good afternoon and welcome to the broadcast, live and direct online, of the Espanyol vs Rayo Vallecano! Meeting corresponding to day 23 of LaLiga Santander that is played in Cornellá, today February 9, at 6:30 pm on As.com

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