Gattuso: "Bad 1st time But you grow too long Musi? Right there are"

Gattuso: "Bad 1st time But you grow too long Musi? Right there are"

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Gennaro Gattuso, Milan coach, 41 years old. lapresse

Gennaro Gattuso, Milan coach, 41 years old. lapresse

Third victory in a row in the league for Milan of Gennaro Gattuso, who at the end of the match against Empoli starts from the analysis of the first half not exciting of his: "The approach to the race did not like: our circulation of the ball tickled the opponents and for four to five times the two full backs were high when we lost possession.In the second half there were more movements without the ball.I was worried by this game: the growth of the team goes from games like that The way in which we have tackled the recovery gives me hope ".

The coach of the Rossoneri, who will face Lazio in the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-final on Tuesday, does not want to be distracted: "There are now 13 matches left: we have to think about each game and when you play in this stadium you feel the pressure. a few years that we did not play something important ". Among the best, as often happens in the last period, Bakayoko and Piatek. On the first Gattuso said: "Football is nice because, unlike life, if you commit yourself you can immediately change your mind on your account." Even today, Bakayoko has gritted his teeth. " On the Polish striker he added: "If we scored 9 goals in the last 3 games, it is thanks to Piatek, but also to his team-mates who put him in a position to score".

Gattuso admits that not everyone is happy with the minutes, despite the good results: "Having long faces is part of this job, if you smile when you're on the bench, I'm looking for respect, I do not make choices for sympathy or dislike and I like that there is a comparison, we need to work well and be ready: we are many and I like to have everyone at our disposal. "The important thing is to look into each other's eyes".

The coach also returns to the difficult period faced by Milan before the winter break, when not infrequently the Rossoneri took the field with two strikers: "I tried to play like that, but the first one who did not like that team was me. matches the area was filled incorrectly, with two strikers we were predictable and gave too much to the opponents.



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