Garone Blog: Two Looks at Vasco

Garone Blog: Two Looks at Vasco

September 2, 2019 0 By admin

Pikachu missed a penalty once again (Photo: Fernando Michel / Picasa)

Losing to the Mineirão Cruise is far from a failure. Regardless of the moment lived by the Fox. It's not even a matter of opinion, it's math. There are three points that, at the pencil tip, fall into the account of few in the Brazilian. No wonder it would be any different with Vasco, then 14th in the championship. But it could have been.

And that, like almost everything in life, has two ways of looking.

Who accompanied Cruz-Maltino being deflowered by Athletico – 4 to 1 – and Santos – 3 to 0 – at the start of the competition, under the command of Marcos Valadares, after bad passage from Alberto Valentim, I would bet with my eyes closed on a Cruzeiro rout against the cariocas playing in Minas. Maybe even in Rio, as happened in Libertadores 2017, for example. The good news for Vascaes, however, is that that Vasco no longer exists.

Vasco today sells his defeats more expensive than his field bosses. And that brings you, of course, some victories. Still loses, it's true – and natural. But it plays, fights, and occasionally triumphs within its already known and wide-open limitations.

Against Cruzeiro, the team no longer had the element of surprise from Talles Magno, who left his boy shorts and came to be seen as a man after the goal and the gala against São Paulo. Aware of what the boy could do, Rogério Ceni placed Orejuela and Dedé to prevent the attacker's new premature growth. And it did. Against two strong and fast players, Talles was not created.

On the other hand – literally – Rossi and Pikachu were giving trouble to both Egidio and Fabrício Bruno, despite Raul's many passing errors – six in total, a record-breaking negative in the Vasco side duel. In the center, the socks were annulled, taking turns between fouls and wrong passes – Robinho, with seven, was the most failed among the Cruzeiros.

A scenario that, for Vasco, was perfect. He exposed himself little, found space – especially on the right – to counterattack and still arranged a foul or another to endanger Danilo Barcelos's hits. It is the game of the Vanderlei Luxembourg team. But that is also where the other look comes from.

If collectively Vasco is another, individually it is still the same. Since Luxa's arrival, more players have left than have arrived. The team fell into place, found its best course of action, but still commits crimes that are not just capitals, but entire countries.

Pikachu's penalty, for example, is symbolic from its inception.

Vasco started on the left, used their steering wheels to reverse the game, and Rossi and Pikachu swapped positions. The forward advanced, received long ball from the striker, won at the speed of Fabrício Bruno and was knocked down. A similar move had occurred minutes earlier with Marrony, only the defender made the cut. Which shows that it was something worked, thought by the coach. Yago, however, stopped at Fabio, record holder of the night.

Collectively created. Individually failed. A small portrait that becomes clearer when enlarged.

The weakness showed when Luxembourg had to move the team. If it is already difficult to put 11 on the field capable of a performance, first of all, non-compromising, who will say 14. And it was exactly in exchange that the game changed. When Rossi left the field for Fellipe Bastos, with Raul coming out from the middle to play more openly, Cruzeiro took advantage of the collective break and individual fall to make it 1-0.

Tired, Raul didn't follow. Disconnected, Bastos just watched. Unlucky, Richard played but didn't cut. And so it was David, as the whole game had not gone, lining up Vasqueos as in a night of autographs, until the ball fell at the feet of Mauricio, who decreed the victory of Minas.

A 'collective failure individual' from Vasco.

The good news is that Vasco collectively sells their losses more and more. The bad thing is that again and again some discount coupons, facilitating the delivery.

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