Gareca says he is worried about Brazil but is confident for the final

Gareca says he is worried about Brazil but is confident for the final

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After the historic World Cup qualification, Peru is in the Copa América final after 44 years. The 3-0 win against Chile was the result of the best Peruvian game in the competition. Now the opponent will be Brazil, for whom the team of Ricardo Gareca lost 5-0 in the group stage. After the match at the Grêmio Arena, the coach analyzed the duel of the final.

– Brazil worries us about everything. I think the word is occupy. The Brazilian team occupies the heads of all. Selections with a higher level, Argentina and Chile as well. They have demanded a lot from our team to see how to neutralize the players, which are very important. Uruguay too. All these things, added to the great figures that Brazil has, is difficult, "he said.

Considered the zebra of the decision in Maracanã, Peru reached the final on its own merits. At least that's what Gareca says. The coach said that the defeat for the Brazilian team was complicated, but commented the return over.

"We've had some difficult times. We came to the final on merit. We were able to go through an important adversity, which was the defeat we suffered. Of course this can lead to a negative environment, not ours, but overall. It is understandable that this kind of defeat gives a certain movement and strong criticism. But we take it as natural, not out of the ordinary. It hurt everyone, but we got through it. It is our merit. Our intention is to win. Besides the difficulty that will face Brazil by the team, individuality, the coach, is a final. We hope to have a good role. Beyond anything, when it comes to a decision, the only thing we think about is winning. I trust the players, "he said.

This is due to the strength of our players. Today we said that we, who have already played professionally, what they did after the painful defeat against Brazil, it is difficult to recover. Especially if you need to face a selection like Uruguay later. If they had to choose a rival, it would not be them to try to recover from the situation. They got up after that and took us to the final. The strength to overcome adversity and get over it. It was not the best game against Uruguay and against Chile also was not easy. But Peru deservedly won. It was an important recovery, "he added.

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Joy, of course. The people who came to support us and all the Peruvians, we know they are happy. It fills us with satisfaction. Internally I am very happy. I could not tell if it was the best game of the last few years. I would have to revise, but I think the team played very well against a strong team. There's another level for the team we face. And also because it leads us to a final.

Peru at its best?

Yes. We are on a very positive peak to reach this final. It is an adversary that, even though we are well, we will be very careful. If I had to choose a moment to reach the final, that would be it. The opponent is not ideal because it is very difficult, but I believe we have days to analyze. And from there draw conclusions to see what is best. We are willing to put the best players. We are open to everything.


We are always improving and working towards this. It's constant. Sometimes acting in long periods of time. Players have different ways of working with coaches. All selections face this process. We have a different form. We have to reintroduce concepts, which we believe to be better. I do not think it'll ever change. Have to fix and improve permanently. We know what we want in the field. It can be a benefit over time.

Carillo and Flores

I think they all ended well. I believe we will not have any problems. we may have to act with caution, but I do not think we will have anything. Let's count on everyone. the doctors said we will not have any problems.

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