Francisco J. Marques: "Referees have to impose what game normally takes"

Francisco J. Marques: "Referees have to impose what game normally takes"

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In the "Universo Porto da Bancada" program on Tuesday, Francisco J. Marques, communication director of FC Porto, addressed the game against V. Guimarães at the Estádio D. Afonso Henriques, which ended with a draw (0 -0).

"It is one thing to resort to all legitimate means to try to stop the opponent, it is another thing to go beyond the limits and count on the benevolence of the refereeing teams." In Guimarães there are lots that illustrate this very well. with the back of Herrera, is complaining about the lip and is assisted in the head, having to leave the stretcher.Fort Porto is a high intensity team and this causes wear.This stop was used to stop the game.More than three minute break in the middle of the second half is unthinkable, breaking the rhythm and giving him the chance to catch his breath in a time of pressure from FC Porto. "It was not a serious injury, that of Guedes," the FC Porto.

Francisco J. Marques also said that the referees can not "get entangled" in the opponents' strategies.

"This kind of thing, along with successive fouls, take a long time to score the goal kick, are always situations where referees have to be alert." This is being used as a strategy, to always be breaking the game, we can not praise English football and then it does not happen and we sit idly by. and when it comes to offering this to consumers, we see a few referees who are not well-adapted, and they end up being complicit in anti-gambling strategies, and the game has to be fluid and the refereeing teams can not get entangled in the opponents' strategies, "said Francisco J. Marques.

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