Football – Champions League – Tops / Flops Barça-Lyon: Messi the boss, Depay missed appointment

Football – Champions League – Tops / Flops Barça-Lyon: Messi the boss, Depay missed appointment

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Another huge Messi
What to say. As often, words fail to describe the new performance of the evil Argentine. He started by turning a penalty with a panenka (17e). He then killed any suspense late in the game. After a magic hook which put in the wind Denayer and Marcelo, he finished the work of law (78e). Then he became a smuggler with a magnificent opening for Spades (81e) and for Dembélé (86e). Two goals and two assists for Rosario's genius.

Jordi Alba was untenable
Having returned to its best level, the Spanish left-back has just extended with the Catalans. We understand why. Particularly in the first period, he made a nightmare suffer Léo Dubois with its incessant climbs. He has combined enormously with Suarez and Messi by soliciting one-two. Dominant offensively (91 balloons hit, record of his team), he has held his lane defensively even if it is true that the Lyonnais have attacked a lot on the right side.

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Ndombélé, the best Lyon
He is the one who floated on OL's side. For long minutes, the French international has plugged the gaps in the midfield. He brought a lot to the recovery (9 won balls and 3 interceptions) and managed a few high flyings. In the second half, he tried to sound the revolt by putting even more intensity in the duels and in his races. With his 96 balls hit, he is the player who touched the most leather at Camp Nou. Everything except anecdotal.


Depay missed appointment
He is at the origin of the Lyon goal with a corner played in two stages and his center that brings the goal of Tousart. But that's all. It's far too little for a player of this caliber. He has long been invisible, as not concerned with events. At no time did he manage to worry Ter Stegen. He has sometimes complicated his life and has been little involved in the defensive withdrawal. Logically replaced by Traore (73e).

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Leo Dubois exceeded
Dirty evening for the old Nantes. It was put in great difficulty by the climbs of Jordi Alba in particular. But his defensive placement clearly challenges as on the goal of Dembélé where he completely forgets Catalan on the side to tighten axis (86e). The Blaugrana have gone a long way on the left, taking advantage of the errors of the right side (16% of won duels). Not a chance.

VAR asks question
Twice, the system of video-refereeing was used in this match and it gave rise to misunderstandings. First, the penalty obtained by Suarez (16e). The Uruguayan is very slightly touched by Denayer but he walks on the Belgian and adds a lot behind. At the sight of the slow motion, it seems very severe and it would not have been scandalous if it was canceled. Second episode, the Lyon goal (58e). For about four minutes, the VAR sought a non-existent Marcelo offside. On the other hand, the Brazilian seems to be faulting a Barcelona but here too the VAR has chosen not to judge the central referee.

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