Football – Champions League – Messi laughs, Ronaldo cries … Balloon race already bent?

Football – Champions League – Messi laughs, Ronaldo cries … Balloon race already bent?

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For ever their course will be linked. For more than ten years, these two football monsters are fighting a battle of every moment. Tuesday night, a new chapter took place under the eyes of spectators shared between watching the recital offered by the Argentine against Manchester United or the fall of the Portuguese, scorer against Ajax, but eliminated with Juventus . With a backdrop, besides the deep desire to maintain a little more their legend, the race for the Ballon d'Or. Reading the scenarios delivered at Camp Nou and Juventus Stadium, the road now seems clear for the Pulga. Now remains to "finish" the work by the final in Madrid on 1st next June.

Ronaldo defeated winner of four of the last five Champions League, missing semifinals for the first time … for nine years

Virevolent and double goalscorer, Lionel Messi gave the turn to Manchester United (3-0) to bring FC Barcelona in the last square of the Champions League, a first for four years. Already involved on the only goal of the first leg (1-0), Messi struck twice in four minutes at Camp Nou, extinguishing the very brief English revolt: first of a shot rolled close to the post, specialty of the house (16th), then with the unfortunate help of the opposing goalkeeper David de Gea (20th). And to say that at the same time, his great rival Cristiano Ronaldo sank with Juventus … "Yes, we bought Ronaldo to win the Champions League but football is not maths: 1 + 1 can do 2, 3, 4 or 0, mock Massimiliano Allegri. Next season, we will try again to win the Champions League. Ronaldo did a good game, he scored. He is disappointed, as we all are. "Winner of four of the last five Champions League, the Portuguese did not hide his sadness in the bays of Juventus Stadium Tuesday night, absent the semi-finals of the competition for the first time since 9 years. The pride of the champion, again and again.

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"We will not apologize for having Messi, it's a chance to have him with us"

Ernesto Valverde

Everything else in Barcelona. Top scorer for this C1, Messi has hit 10 times this season, and 110 times over his entire career. To spoil nothing, he was also at the origin of the third goal, signed Philippe Coutinho with a sumptuous strike (61st). "Messi always pulls us, breathes Ernesto Valverde, to the angels. It is true that he scored two goals, but we will not apologize for having Messi, it is a chance that he is with us. "Opinion shared by all in the ranks Catalan. "He wants it, like all players, it is an outstanding competitor, certainly one of the greatest competitors in the world, plant Clément Lenglet. Forcibly when he participates in a competition, he wants to win. He has the talent that some do not have and it allows him to do things like tonight. When he has that desire and determination, he is almost unstoppable. "

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In the race to win a tenth title in the Liga and still alive for a fifth C1, the native of Rosario ticks all the boxes to assume the costume of favorite in the race for the Golden Ball. Even more when we know the importance of the League of Champions out of the year World Cup. Fifth in the standings in 2018, while Cristiano Ronaldo was second on the podium behind his team-mate Real, Luka Modric, the Argentine could cap his rival forever in the next vote. Unless the outcome of the Champions League comes to change the established order with regard to teams still in contention like Ajax and its slew of ambitious young (De Jong, De Ligt …). May spring be radiant again. And Messi is not for nothing.

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