Foot – L1 – PSG – Thomas Tuchel (PSG coach): "Tuesday we will be ready"

Foot – L1 – PSG – Thomas Tuchel (PSG coach): "Tuesday we will be ready"

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Thomas Tuchel, the PSG coach who beat Bordeaux (1-0) on Saturday, said his team would be ready to face Manchester United in the Champions League, with or without Edinson Cavani.

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"How did you find Marco Verratti, back after three weeks of absence?
We are very happy that Marco has returned. When he came out (58e) it was harder to control the game. It's really hard to play when you've been hurt like Marco. I do not know if it's possible to play Old Trafford again in three days. In our situation, it may be necessary to try. We must wait for the opinion of the doctor and the physiotherapists. I know the opinion of Marco, if I ask him, he will tell me he can play. He had no pain today (Saturday). When I replaced him, he was not happy. It's not possible to listen to him, otherwise he would have played 90 minutes. (Laughter)

Was this the game you wanted to play, with several executives resting before Manchester United?
The first period was what I wanted to do. Excellent on our part, very fluid, with good possession, speed and good movements. It was very good, with great opportunities. The second period was not good. We lost too many balloons, we lost our confidence, our structure. It was not good, it's clear.

How do you plan to play against Manchester United if Edinson Cavani had to withdraw? Do you have a plan B?
There are many plans B. Without Ney (Neymar) maybe without Marco, maybe without Edi. We have a plan D. We have to analyze Manchester, stay confident and calm. For matches like this, you need your key players with confidence, experience and quality. They are used to playing these big matches. But if two or three key players are not there, it's our responsibility to find solutions. It's super difficult. If we miss several players, the challenge is even bigger. Tuesday, we will be ready. "

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