Florentino closed Zidane five days ago: "Represents the sacred values ​​of the club"

Florentino closed Zidane five days ago: "Represents the sacred values ​​of the club"

March 11, 2019 0 By admin

Florentino Pérez He confessed, in his appearance before the media to make the return of Zinedine Zidane official, that He closed his signing five days ago. "You return to unite with Madrid in a relationship that is already eternal. It is a moment of special difficulty, but I know that you love this shield and what it represents. We know of your love and loyalty for Madrid and your commitment thrills the Madridistas because you represent the sacred values ​​of the club ", Pérez told him.

"With you we have won nine titles that made us achieve hegemony as a club in world football. I do not forget the day that you signed up for you to become part of our history. For all of us, the best coach in the world arrives. We are proud that you are with us. You represent the greatness of this club. Thanks for your loyalty. Welcome to your house, "he added.

He also sent a conciliatory message to the squad: "We went through adverse and complex moments that have caused pain to our fans, but these players have given the club unforgettable triumphs and titles. Achieving four Champions in five years is something almost unrepeatable. These players are a pride. Everyone will have recognition forever, but we are always looking for excellence. That's how we are and for that we give ourselves with the responsibility of maintaining the self-demanding level ".

And, in a moment of his speech, he dedicated a few words of gratitude to Solari: "We have not obtained results and we are obliged to react, peror I have to thank Solari's work, his professionalism and loyalty to the club. It forms part of Madrid on its own merits. He has tried everything to the end with a great commitment and in very adverse circumstances. We want our club to continue to be linked if he so wishes. "

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