Flor Romero and Lisandro López and a different initiative to promote women's football

Flor Romero and Lisandro López and a different initiative to promote women's football

March 14, 2019 0 By admin

In times in which the collective of women makes their voice louder and louder, football – clubs, players, leaders and fans – is catching up with the circumstance. And the Racing Press Department is one of the pioneers.

After publishing last year a tweet using inclusive language ("to be able to receive all at home"), this Thursday she joined the captain of the women's team, Florencia Romero, and the captain of the cast that commands Eduardo Coudet, Lisandro López, to hold a live conference with academic fans through social networks.

"Licha It's crack. It does everything right, "said a smiling Florencia.

"Because both football and Racing have no gender", was the motto of the proposal of the press managers of the cast of Avellaneda. The attitude of Licha It is worth noting: accepted the proposal, beyond that the team is three dates to stay with the Superliga.

"The girls in women's football must be given the value they deserve. It is an injustice what happens to them. We do almost everything wrong. We have to support them, value them and give them forward, "Lisandro said.

The talk was relaxed. Lisandro warned that he preferred not to drink mates because he had to train minutes later. Quick, Florence promised to do it in the coming days. And it was for more: he requested a mixed training. "We do it without problem, it's going to have to be agreed Chacho with the coach of you, "said the Superliga striker, with 16 goals.

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Romero said he is a Racing fan and pointed out his dream: "I would love to play as a Preliminary". And he joined Licha: "It would be very good, we have to achieve it."

In addition, Romero remarked the differences at the time of training. "The girls usually practice at night, first we work all day long and afterwards, the lucky ones, we can get there by car, the vast majority take a train or a collective, it's a huge sacrifice," the captain of the team said. who is fourth in the First Division tournament.


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