Fla wins Botafogo again and follows undefeated in the classic by NBB

Fla wins Botafogo again and follows undefeated in the classic by NBB

March 2, 2019 0 By admin

Classic is always a game set in detail, but Flamengo took the best again in 2019 by the NBB. This Friday of Carnival, the Rubro-negra team celebrated the triumph for 73 to 67, in Gym Oscar Zelaya. With the result, Alvinegro is seventh, with nine wins and 12 losses, with a 42.9% advantage. Gávea's team are third place, with 17 wins and four defeats, and fight directly with Pinheiros and Franca for the lead, with 81% of advantage in the competition.

The starting lineup was Marquinhos, of Flamengo, with 22 points: after a poor start, he closed the game with a 50% advantage in the three-point ball. On the other side, by Botafogo, Coelho scored 19 points.

It is worth mentioning that Botafogo has faced Flamengo seven times: four games for the Campeonato Carioca, two for the NBB and one for the quarterfinals of the Super 8 Cup. In the first round, the Rubro-negros passed quietly for the opponent , in the Tijuca Tennis Club. At the time, the Marquinhos wing scored 35 points and was the basket of the match.

The first period was interesting, but not at the expected pace. In the initial part, Flamengo was ahead of the board, with Marquinhos maintaining regularity, opening eight points of advantages. However, after half, Botafogo reacted and turned the game, with counterattacks and consistent defense, taking advantage of the mistakes in simple pitches of the black-white.

Become a Classic
The face of the second room changed completely, without a club unsettling. With the balance, the teams redoubled their attention in defense. Three-point pitches, for example, were very rare during the match. Even without his main weapon, the team of Gávea managed to go to the interval in advantage, with Anderson Varejão being the highlight.

In the return to the second stage, was the team led by Gustavinho came more focused. The defense and the attack acted together to keep ahead of the marker, without being scared. The three balls, which did not appear in much of the time, began to fall. On the other side, the team of Léo Figueiró sought the infiltrations and marking by zone.

It deceived those who thought that Botafogo would not have the strength to reverse the difference. With Diego, Jamaal and Rabbit inspired in the last quarter, the advantage of Flamengo that was 14, fell to five. But quickly the experience of the players of the Fla controlled the match and closed with the win and keep writing against the opponent.

Upcoming appointments
In the next round, the teams have the Mines ahead. Before, Botafogo faces the miners, on the 6th, also at the Oscar Zelaya Gym. Then Flamengo, on the 9th, Saturday, at 2pm, at Tijuca Tennis Club.

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