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Turkey Football Federation's sole authority in determining the Digiturk match days and hours (TFF) has announced that it is.

The company said in a statement, "Turkey has the authority to determine the days and times of the match played in the professional league is the only institution of Turkey Football Federation. We would like to highlight in particular, that the Spor Toto Super League and Sports Betting 1. Determination by Digiturk of the days and hours League match never said There is no such application at the moment. " expressions used.

to determine Match of the day and time of the statement where that pay attention to a variety of factors, "FIFA members of each federation such as Turkey Football Federation also match the days and hours when determining the footballer's health, climatic conditions, transport conditions, security risks, such as monitoring by more sport of match In our two valuable league which constitutes the peak of Turkish football and the matches of which are broadcast live, Sport Toto Super League and Spor Toto is the current application in the 1st League, the matches are on Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Mondays and It is played in 3 different time zones that vary according to the winter season. " The statement said.

Digitürk's derby match on Sunday, he emphasized that the support of the following statements were given in the statement:

"Sports Toto Super League and Sports Betting 1. league Turkey and achieve access to the desired levels and abroad on behalf of be able to compete in terms of viewership with international leagues in each time zone is the publisher of the league planning at least one match is we have priorities. A match due to weather conditions However, we believe that the key element of the football game is conquering the hearts of millions, and we are definitely against playing football in risky conditions. we believe that to be played or a match to be played in extremely hot weather, especially early in the request taking into account the weather conditions should be avoided as much as possible. in such cases, Turkey Futb The Federation decides whether or not to make a change in the time of the match and we will broadcast that match to the highest standards, no matter what time. Sports Toto Super League and Sports Toto 1. League matches, the quality and level of these leagues; We believe that the game and the players must be played at the facilities that offer the highest standards. We also think that football fans are a very important actor in this beautiful game. In the determination of the days and times of the matches, we would like to say that we are in a position to maximize the number of spectators at the stadium and on the screen. Accordingly, Turkey derby match of their league, as the world's other top leagues, creating more value for the sports economy and more sports fans are in favor of being played on Sundays behalf can watch. "

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